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3 Instances When a Cremation is Preferable to a Funeral

When you head to a funeral home to plan final services for a loved one, you will need to choose either a funeral service with a casket burial or a cremation service. You might be surprised to learn how common cremation services in Longview, TX have become over the years. There are many reasons why cremation is as common as it is these days, and there are 3 telltale signs that you should probably plan a cremation rather than plan a funeral.

1. The Deceased Had Requested a Cremation

One case where you should certainly plan a cremation over a funeral is when the deceased had previously let it be known that they wanted a cremation after they died. Even if they did not formally preplan, it’s a good idea to honor their final services request. You can find a funeral home that offers cremation and then talk to the funeral director about making plans. They will offer you a general price list that shows the various cremation services packages offered as well as other options like cremation urns. If you and your family would have preferred to plan a funeral, you can arrange a celebration of life or memorial service to be held after the cremation. That will provide the formal service that you may need in order to grieve and move on.

2. Budgetary Considerations

Another scenario where a cremation may be preferable to a funeral is if you and yours have a very tight budget. After figuring out how much you all can commit to the final services costs, your family may find that a cremation is the most cost-effective option budget-wise. You’ll find that a lower-cost cremation does not have to mean jeopardizing the overall experience. The funeral director will be able to help you arrange a great final send-off for your loved one.

3. The Family is Spread Out

cremation services in Longview, TXAnother reason some people hold a cremation service is if their family is spread out far and wide. Sometimes it can be difficult for everyone to book flights and make other arrangements to be able to fly in on time for a funeral service. While a cremation is typically held shortly after a person has died, your family can still plan some type of service such as a memorial. This can be held in a private home, in a restaurant, in a park, or someplace else.

Do you need to plan cremation services in Longview, TX? Your best bet is to find a reputable funeral home that have staff who care about the people who turn to them for help. What are some things to look for in a funeral home? Look for one that is family owned and operated, that has a long track record for helping people plan final services, that operates a private crematory rather than relies on a third party to do its cremations, and that employees who are licensed. At the end of the day, you want to work with people who will treat you the way they would wish to be treated were your situations reversed.

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Options if COVID-19 Means Fewer People Can Attend Funeral Service

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away, but things can be a little more difficult when factoring COVID-19 and related safety protocols into the equation. Yes, you’ll still be able to hold a funeral service at a funeral home in Longview, TX. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to have as large of a funeral service as you might like.

Social distancing requirements mean that you might have to scale down the size of whatever final services event you’d like to plan. But the good news is that there are some ways you can help more people to experience the event even if they can’t physically be there.


One way you can accommodate more people than you might otherwise be able to is by streaming the funeral service. You can ask the funeral home you work with about this option. Whether they can handle do the streaming for you or allow you to do so yourself, streaming can be a good option. This will enable people who can’t be at the service in person, whether because they can’t get to the location or there is no space at the venue for more than a handful, to be part of the event. If you have family or friends who live in other countries, you can let them know that they can be part of the funeral service by logging in. Be sure to archive the recording so that it’s available for people to watch or to re-watch whenever they want.


Another way you can help people to feel part of the event is by having the funeral service recorded. You can have a cameraman record the event as it unfolds. While this can be a good option, it’s probably not as good as streaming the event live. Even so, the videotape option is better than not getting to see the funeral service at all.

Graveside Service

funeral home in Longview, TXYet another way you can accommodate more people is by holding a graveside service before the casket burial. You could, therefore, allow some people to go to the church service and then allow others to go to the graveside service. The immediate family members would go to both, of course, but other people could be assigned to go to one or the other.

When you need a funeral home in Longview, TX, get in touch with professionals at a reputable funeral home. You’ll likely be best served by finding a funeral home that is family owned and operated, that has a track record of having served many satisfied families, that operate a private crematory, and that has skilled employees who are focused on providing great customer service. In order to find the right funeral home, do some research first. You’ll want to check out online reviews, ask people you know for their suggestions, and even call some funeral homes to speak to the staff there. Once you find a reputable service provider, you’ll get all the help you need to plan a funeral service or a cremation for your loved one.

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3 Scenarios Where a Cremation is Not the Best Option for You

There’s no denying that cremation is growing in popularity. People from all walks of life are opting to plan cremation services in Marshall, TX for deceased loved ones. While you can arrange a respectable and honorable final send-off with either a funeral or a cremation, however, there are times with a funeral is the better of the two body disposition options.

Here’s a look at 3 scenarios where you would be better off planning a cremation rather than a funeral.

1. Religious Reasons

Most religious groups allow their adherents to plan either a funeral or a cremation. So the chances are good that you won’t have to steer clear of a cremation on religious grounds. Even so, there is a small handful of religions that are against cremation as a body disposition. If you’re a person of faith and wish to abide by the principles of your religion or faith community, then you should find out whether you can go with a cremation. Some religions believe that a funeral is the only acceptable final services option. You can ask a funeral director for the answers if you’re unsure about your religion’s position on final services options.

2. Cultural Reasons

Do you come from a culture where a funeral is strongly recommended as a body disposition? If so, you might wish to stick with this cultural norm by planning a funeral, graveside service, and casket burial. There is nothing wrong with doing something for cultural reasons, especially if everyone in your family is on board.

3. Personal Reasons

If you’re planning a body disposition for someone who had specifically said in the past that they didn’t want to be cremated, then it’s best to honor their request. Would you prefer to plan a cremation because of the cost savings? While no one can blame you for wanting to save money, it shouldn’t come at the expense of honoring a deceased loved one’s wishes. A funeral director can help you plan a cost-effective funeral service. You and your family should do everything you can to give your deceased loved one the body disposition they wanted.

cremation services in Marshall, TX

When you need cremation services in Marshall, TX, get in touch with the professionals at a funeral home you can trust. Your best bet is to find a company that is family owned and operated, that has served thousands of satisfied families, and that operates a private crematory. Some funeral homes can only offer cremation services by relying on third parties. That’s not the best option, however, since getting too many parties involved will make it harder for you to track quality control. So if you do what to plan a cremation, do a little bit of homework to find the right funeral home for you. When you find the funeral home you want, make an appointment to meet with the funeral director. They will give you a general price list and help you to make final services arrangements. You’ll see that choosing the right funeral home makes a great deal of difference.

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Preplanning Final Services Benefits Those Who Mean the Most to You

When you preplan a funeral service or a cremation service with a funeral home in Marshall, TX, you will be doing your family a big favor. Can you imagine having to plan someone’s final services while you’re still in the early stages of grieving their passing? Well, that’s the scenario your loved ones will face if you don’t make arrangements ahead of time.

Consider these benefits that your family will receive if you preplan. You might just want to get in touch with a funeral home sooner rather than later.

Preplanning Lets Your Loved Ones Grieve

It’s never a good day when a loved one dies. Whether the death comes rather suddenly or after a prolonged illness, it will be difficult to accept that someone in the family is no more. So you can imagine, if you really stop to think about it, how difficult it will be if your loved ones have to plan your funeral or cremation after you die. Wouldn’t it be better for you to contact a funeral home and to make your own final services arrangements? This will give your family time to grieve, come together, and attend the final services your preplanned.

Preplanning Lets You Choose So That Your Loved Ones Don’t Have to Guess

If you don’t preplan your own final services, you might leave your loved ones in a conundrum. Specifically, they might be left scratching their heads if they’re not sure whether to plan a funeral or a cremation. Since you know what you want, you should preplan what you want. That way, your family won’t have to rack their brains trying to determine what’s the best option to take.

Preplanning Means You’re in Charge

Can you personally relate to the sentiments Frank Sinatra communicated when he sang “I Did it My Way”? Do you like to do things your way and on your terms? If you have this philosophy in life, then why not do things your way up to the very end? The only way you can ensure you get the perfect final send-off is if you make the arrangements yourself. Then you can let your loved ones know that you’ve preplanned so that they know what to do when the time comes.

When you need help from a funeral home in Marshall, TX, get in touch with the professionals at a reputable death care services provider. It’s best to do some research before you decide so that you find the right funeral home to work with. Once you make a selection, you’ll be able to rely on the funeral director at the funeral home to assist you in any way you need. Whether you wish to preplan a funeral with a casket burial or a cremation, you will be able to do so. The funeral director will give you a general price list that documents what is offered and what everything costs. Be sure to ask a lot of questions. The funeral director will ensure you get the information you need and the answers you seek so that you can preplan with confidence.