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cremation services in Marshall, TX

Things You Need to Know About Direct Cremation

When it comes to preplanning final services and direct cremation, you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right option for you. The first thing you need to do is find a service provider you can work with. They will have options for funeral services and cremation services in Marshall, TX. If you’ve already decided that you want to arrange a cremation, you’ll want to be certain that that’s the way to go. You can figure out what’s best for you by first considering a few things pertaining to cremation.

Do You Want Direct Cremation or Traditional Cremation?

If you plan a direct cremation, you will get the most basic body disposition available. It won’t include a wake, a visitation, or a funeral service. So a direct cremation will give your deceased loved one the body disposition they need and will keep costs down because of the simplicity. What should you do if you want to arrange a cremation but also want options like, say, a funeral service in a chapel or church? In such a case, you’ll want to plan s traditional cremation where you can combine the cremation body disposition with other options like a funeral service in a church, a visitation, awake, and other things.

Direct Cremation Happens Shortly After Death

It’s not uncommon if people are planning a funeral followed by a burial, for the actual funeral service to take place a month or so after the death. In such a case, the grieving family will have the body of the deceased embalmed to temporarily preserve it. But there is no embalming with direct cremation. In fact, the deceased is usually cremated in whatever they were wearing at the time of their passing. Once the paperwork has been signed and the death certificate has been obtained, the direct cremation can take place.

You Won’t Need a Casket But…

With direct cremation, you won’t require a costly casket. But that’s not the same thing as saying that you won’t need some sort of container to place the body into before it’s put into a cremation chamber. You’ll get a simple container that will help to keep costs down if you’re planning a body disposition.

Those are just a few things you should keep in mind if you’re planning a direct cremation for a loved one who has died or who is terminally ill. Something you should consider is possibly holding a celebration of life service or memorial service after the direct cremation. Such an event will give you, your family, and friends of the deceased time to congregate and remember the deceased. You can be sure that a funeral director can give you tips on how to plan one.

cremation services in Marshall, TX

We’re here for you if you want to plan a funeral service or cremation services in Marshall, TX. You can count on us to help you with your final services planning. Our funeral director and other licensed staff members will offer professionalism, courtesy, and compassion. It’s our goal to help families and individuals who need to plan or preplan. Get in touch to learn how we can help.

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Tops Ways You Can Get Information About Funeral Services

What are your favorite ways to get information these days? It’s been said that the more people know is the more they realize how much they don’t know. If you feel that way about funeral services, you’re not alone. Most people know very little about funeral services. But if the time comes to plan a deceased loved one’s body disposition or to preplan your own final service, then learning more about funeral services will be a priority. You could go to a funeral home in Marshall, TX, and that’s the best route to take, but there are other sources of information too.

Here are some tips to help you increase your knowledge about funeral services ahead of arranging final services for a loved one or preplanning a body disposition for yourself.

Funeral Home

There’s no denying that a funeral home offers the best information about funeral services. They will have all the information and the resources you need. You will want to ensure, however, that you find a reputable service provider before you make a decision. Once you connect with a funeral home with a track record of success, you’ll be able to count on the funeral director and on the other licensed staff members at the service provider. You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback, and essentially get informed on what you need to know to make good decisions.


If you know anyone who has planned or preplanned final services before, then you should consider picking their brains to learn more about what went into making arrangements. Asking people who you know and trust will give you information that you can depend on. So while they might not be able to give you the in-depth information you’d get from a funeral home, they will be able to let you know what the process was like, how helpful and courteous the staff members were, and other things that will help you decide who to work with.

Religious Leaders

Another source of information is a religious leader. Are you a member of a church or of some other religious group? You might want to ask a leader affiliated with your faith community. If they’ve been in their role for any length of time, they might have actually officiated at funerals in the past. This means that they’ll be able to give you advice from a unique perspective.


It’s easy these days to find information online. You can conduct an online search to find out more about funeral services. Whatever questions you have, you can look for the answers online. The answers are there, so you just have to go out in search of them.

funeral home in Marshall, TX

When you need assistance from a reputable funeral home serving Marshall, TX families, give us a call. We’re a family owned and operated death care services provider that offers funeral services and cremation services. Our funeral director will help you make whatever plans you need so that you can give your deceased loved one a fitting final send-off. Let us know how we can help.

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Top Questions People Ask About Cremation

If you need to preplan a cremation service in Kilgore, TX, you will have to contact a funeral home. The funeral director there will help you with the big and small decisions, and you’ll get to check out the general price list to learn about all your options. One thing you can count on is that you’ll have a lot of questions during the preplanning stage. The good news is that you’ll be at the right place and dealing with the right people at the funeral home. They’ll answer all your questions so that you can plan with confidence.

Here’s a look at some of the top questions that people have about cremations. Perhaps you’ve asked these questions before. Read on to find the answers.

Why is Cremation Cheaper Than Burial?

This is definitely a question that gets asked a lot. It is true that cremations tend to be cheaper than funerals that are followed by casket burials. Why is this the case? If you preplan a cremation, you won’t have to worry about things like embalming, a funeral service, a wake, body preparations like hairstyling or makeup, or some of the other things. So if you want to spend as little as possible on your final services, you’ll want to seriously consider a cremation service. You’ll get a fitting final send-off at a lower cost. The same applies, of course, if you want to plan final services for someone else. A cremation will cost you much less.

How Soon After Death Can a Cremation Take Place?

Cremations tend to take place between one and three days after death. Before the body disposition can take place, paperwork must be completed and a death certificate must be obtained. When you go in to preplan, you can ask the funeral director how long it typically takes the funeral home to perform a cremation after someone has died. Some funeral homes might do it faster than others, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Does Cremation Involve Fire?

Some people are turned off by the idea of cremation because they imagine that the process involves setting bodies on fire. The reality is that a body is placed into a cremation chamber that generates intense heat – usually at least 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. So it is the white-hot heat inside of the chamber, not flames, that reduces the deceased body back to its basic elements.

cremation service in Kilgore, TX

Do you have any more questions about cremation services in Kilgore, TX? When you need to ask questions or to preplan final services, we’re always here to help in any way we can. We specialize in helping people to preplan their own body disposition and in helping families to plan final services for deceased loved ones. We’re a family owned and operated service provider with deep roots in the community. It has always been our goal to offer professional and compassionate service to help grieving people with their funeral and cremation services planning. When you want to talk, give us a call or visit our office.

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Are All Funeral Homes More or Less the Same? You Bet They’re Not!

When you need to find a funeral home in Kilgore, TX, should you do some research before choosing or can you pretty much select any service provider? Some people simply choose the first name they find in the phone book. Others will do a quick online search and will then make a decision without putting much thought into the process. But is such a strategy in your best interests? What you’ll find, if you look into the matter, is that no two funeral homes are alike. That’s why it’s best to do some research before deciding on a service provider.

Here are some specific reasons why you should also do your homework before making a choice.


One reason you shouldn’t fall for the myth that all funeral homes are more or less the same is that different funeral homes offer different final services packages. For instance, if you need to plan a cremation service, you will want to find a death care services provider that offers it. It would be a mistake to assume that all funeral homes offer cremation. As well, if you want to plan a funeral service, you will want to steer clear of death care services providers that only offer cremation services. Another thing to remember is that funeral homes that do offer the body disposition type you’re looking for may have different packages to choose from. And some of those packages may be more to your liking than are others. With a little bit of research on your part, you’ll be able to find the right final services option for you. So it pays to do some research.

Customer Service

It’s also important to know that some funeral homes are more professional, compassionate, and customer service-oriented than are other funeral homes. So you’ll want to spend time researching service providers so that you find one that employs the type of funeral director who will leave no stone unturned in order to ensure you get the highest level of service possible. One way you can learn more about customer service is by checking out online reviews both on funeral home websites and on third-party websites.


A reputable funeral home will also be able to connect you to other resources you may need. Look for a service provider that has been serving the community for a long time and that has built a strong network. Such a company will be able to offer the right resources. For instance, you might want to know about grief counseling resources that are available in your area.

funeral home in Kilgore, TX

When you need help from a reputable funeral home in Kilgore, TX, give us a call or stop by for a visit. We have a long track recording of helping families who need help planning cremations and funerals for deceased loved ones. We also operate a private crematory, which means we don’t have to hire a crematory to conduct cremations on our behalf. So we can keep on top of quality control and make guarantees that we couldn’t if we didn’t handle everything in-house. We’re here to help you when you need us, so let us know how we can be of assistance.