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3 Instances When a Cremation is Preferable to a Funeral

When you head to a funeral home to plan final services for a loved one, you will need to choose either a funeral service with a casket burial or a cremation service. You might be surprised to learn how common cremation services in Longview, TX have become over the years. There are many reasons why cremation is as common as it is these days, and there are 3 telltale signs that you should probably plan a cremation rather than plan a funeral.

1. The Deceased Had Requested a Cremation

One case where you should certainly plan a cremation over a funeral is when the deceased had previously let it be known that they wanted a cremation after they died. Even if they did not formally preplan, it’s a good idea to honor their final services request. You can find a funeral home that offers cremation and then talk to the funeral director about making plans. They will offer you a general price list that shows the various cremation services packages offered as well as other options like cremation urns. If you and your family would have preferred to plan a funeral, you can arrange a celebration of life or memorial service to be held after the cremation. That will provide the formal service that you may need in order to grieve and move on.

2. Budgetary Considerations

Another scenario where a cremation may be preferable to a funeral is if you and yours have a very tight budget. After figuring out how much you all can commit to the final services costs, your family may find that a cremation is the most cost-effective option budget-wise. You’ll find that a lower-cost cremation does not have to mean jeopardizing the overall experience. The funeral director will be able to help you arrange a great final send-off for your loved one.

3. The Family is Spread Out

cremation services in Longview, TXAnother reason some people hold a cremation service is if their family is spread out far and wide. Sometimes it can be difficult for everyone to book flights and make other arrangements to be able to fly in on time for a funeral service. While a cremation is typically held shortly after a person has died, your family can still plan some type of service such as a memorial. This can be held in a private home, in a restaurant, in a park, or someplace else.

Do you need to plan cremation services in Longview, TX? Your best bet is to find a reputable funeral home that have staff who care about the people who turn to them for help. What are some things to look for in a funeral home? Look for one that is family owned and operated, that has a long track record for helping people plan final services, that operates a private crematory rather than relies on a third party to do its cremations, and that employees who are licensed. At the end of the day, you want to work with people who will treat you the way they would wish to be treated were your situations reversed.