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Ideas and Tips for Creating a Memorable Reception After Loss

Whether you plan funeral or cremation services in Marshall, TX, the reception can play a pivotal role in helping create a sense of connection, and you want it to be as meaningful as possible. Historically, meals were shared by friends and family after the services and have now become something that anyone who attended the event can go to. With the push for more uniqueness in our society, this also applies to the reception, so here are some popular ideas to include.

Pick a Unique Food

When making the menu, why not consider choosing a favorite food or beverage of the loved one? You could even create a specially designed edible or drinkable option named after them. Another alternative is to have a unique buffet style or incorporate a potluck so everyone can contribute.

Add in Meaningful Music

Having music at the event is another way to fix frost loss and highlight how amazing your loved one was. Consider playing their favorite tunes, hiring a local band, or even having individuals singing at the event can already get more memorable.

Incorporate a Slideshow

A slideshow can help highlight different parts of the individual’s life, which is much easier to create now through computers and handheld devices. Incorporating a series of photos playing in the background during the event can offer another glimpse into the individual’s life and legacy.

Add in Some International Flare

If the loved one enjoyed specific types of international foods or traveling, why not have a theme at the reception? Choosing a local restaurant to cater the food or finding a recipe online and serving it at the event can both be ways to add a unique touch.

Add in a Happy Hour

Hosting a happy hour could also be a way to honor the individual at the reception. This could be accomplished on site where the services are being held, or you could arrange it for a different location that the individual enjoys.

Offer a Gift for Attendees

Having the support of others at the event is crucial and offering them a gift can be a way to say thank you for this. Choosing items that provide a way to remember the individual, such as their favorite chocolate, loving memory decals, or key chains, can all be excellent choices.

Pick Unique Decorations

The decorations can also help make it a meaningful experience, and you may want to incorporate things such as:

  • Guestbook that the attendees can sign
  • Include personalized candles at the tables
  • Pick the favorite colors of the deceased
  • Incorporate hobbies or interests they had as part of the décor

When You Need an Affordable and Professional Option, we are Herecremation services in Marshall, TX

Planning the reception can be a big part of the event, and if you need additional help, you should reach out to family or friends to help delegate tasks. Losing a loved one can pose challenges, and getting the proper assistance is crucial when it is time to play on the cremation services in Marshall, TX. You want a professional team at your side, and we have been providing expert services for over 25 years, so contact us today.



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At-Sea Burials are an Honorable Way to Lay a Loved One to Rest, so here are Some Important Considerations

Funeral homes in Marshall, TX, are a great starting point for planning meaningful traditional events, but if your loved one is looking for an at-sea burial, it can take some additional research. There are several things to consider, including the regulations about them and the different types available, and we have them listed here for you.

EPA Regulations

The EPA or Environment Protection Agency has specific rules for these events to help negate possible impacts on the natural world. The primary regulations for full body disposal are:

  • You must be at least three nautical miles away from the shore
  • The depth of the water needs to be 600 to 1800 feet depending on the location
  • The casket will need holes drilled in it to ensure it will sink
  • You may need to add weights and chains to the casket to make sure it stays on the bottom of the ocean
  • The EPA needs to be notified 30 days before the event
  • Any items being placed in the water, including the casket, all need to be biodegradable


For a civilian event, a boat will need to be chartered. Several companies specialize in these burials, and the cost is typically 2-3 times the price of a traditional burial due to the experience. There needs to be a licensed funeral director on board for the process and if you choose to use a casket, ensure there is no plastic or toxins going on or in it. One thing to consider if you select this option is to ensure the charter vessel is large enough to accommodate the event and attendees.


Anyone who was in the military can have an at-sea burial. The service will be completed on a vessel that is one deployment which means the family will not be able to attend the ceremony. However, a commanding officer will send a notification to them with the location, date, and time the event took place.


There are also situations where an individual will have requested an at-sea scattering after Cremation Services. This can be done by releasing the ashes into the waves, or you may need to purchase a biodegradable urn it can be directly placed into the water. For these services, it can be a more meaningful experience to release flowers or petals as the urn or ashes are being released into the water.

When You Need a Compassionate Source, we are a Trusted CompanyFuneral homes in Marshall, TX

At-sea burials can help honor the loved one and grant the last wish when it’s time to lay them to rest. And if you’re looking for traditional services with one of the funeral homes in Marshall, TX, our team is here to offer you support. Our primary goal is to provide affordable and exceptional services for our community, and we would love to help you from start to finish. We understand the pain of loss and what it takes to create a truly honorable event, so contact us today.


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Fascinating History and Facts about Traditional Urns

Cremation services in Kilgore, TX, have been used for thousands of years, and urns have gone hand in hand with them. These vessels have a rich and interesting history to consider and are a thoughtful way to commemorate a loved one’s legacy. So, this article will highlight their historical presence and offer a few helpful suggestions on picking one that is right for your loved one.

History of Urns

Any container with a lid on it can be considered being heard intention is to hold the remains of loved ones and keep them safe through the years. Urns Have been found worldwide and throughout history, with the oldest site discovered in China between 5000 and 3000 BC. And over 700 urns were of different shapes and dimensions, based on the size of the individual who had passed away.

They were also recorded in the Bronze Age in central Europe between 1300 BC and 750 BC. In Greek ancient culture, cremation was a preferred choice over burial because it was seen as a more practical solution. When this was behind their love of art, it made sense to adopt using them as an option. Cremation was also the primary method for disposing of the bodies after conflicts had occurred.

Between 27 DC and 395 AD, cremation started growing in popularity with the Roman Empire. However, there were more elaborate and much larger vessels, and, in most cases, they would be stored inside a columbarium for safekeeping.

Early Christians felt that cremation went against their culture, and burial was chosen over this option for the next few thousand years. However, this changed in 1873 when a professor in Italy created the first crematorium chamber, resulting in a much wider spread of urns inurned burial practices throughout the United States.

Considerations for Choosing One

Earns today are not that different than they used to be other than the customization options available now to pick from. There are multiple materials you can choose to help make a more personalized vessel, and one of the biggest considerations is how the earth will be utilized.

Choosing a biodegradable material for scattering or burial services may be the right choice. However, if you are planning on holding the urn for an extended period, you may want something more durable like marble or stainless steel.

Sizes can be customized, and you can also get unique shapes and designs for a more authentic look. In addition, choosing personalized inscriptions or picking a favorite photo to add to the urn can make a truly memorable vessel.

Personalized Services Based on Compassionate Care

Cremation services in Kilgore, TX

There is no doubt that cremation and urns have been around for thousands of years and have contributed to commemorating and honoring individuals nobly. Planning meaningful cremation services in Kilgore, TX, can also help you highlight your loved one’s legacy, and our team of experts is here to assist you. We offer a locally owned option and have been in business since 1993, providing professional care and compassionate support, so contact us today.


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Offering Support for Others Can Feel Complicated, so We have Some Helpful Suggestions Here

When you need to support someone in the loss process, it can feel unclear where to start. And once the services are completed with one of the funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, it may take more care than normal to help them learn to navigate the loss. It can feel scary if you don’t know what to say or how to approach them, so we are here with some great tips to get you started.

Everyone’s Experience is Different

One of the most helpful things you can do is remember that every person’s grief experience will vary. This can be beneficial because if you have any expectations of how you think their experiences are supposed to be, you can let this go and allow it to be what it is. Doing this reduces the risk of the person feeling pressured to feel a certain way, and they can express their experience openly.

There may Be Strong Emotions to Consider

Grief can cause emotions to fluctuate rapidly, and some people will experience stronger emotions than others. Always be prepared that if an individual is grieving, they may display or express more intense feelings as they talk about their experience.

There is no Set Time Limit

Brief doesn’t have a specific set of time that it lasts, and it’s a process the individual has to go through at their own pace. Not putting pressure on the person to be through it sooner is a crucial part of allowing them to heal, and it can help you by reducing your expectations of them.

Spend more Time Listening

In most cases, the grieving individual wants to be heard. This means not giving a lot of input about what you think is happening with them and letting them tell their story. And there may be times when it’s uncomfortable but remember, grief is a complex process, and in many situations, they need someone to listen and not do anything specific.

Acknowledge Their Pain

Taking the time to acknowledge their feelings is another way that you can help create a connection and let them know they are cared for. Allowing them to cry and express how they’re feeling without any judgment or criticism can lead to deeper healing.

Ask them What is Comfortable for Them

In most cases, grieving individuals may not know what they need, so it can be hard to gauge what to do. If you want to take them for an outing or do something nice for them around their home, it is recommended to check with them and see what they need to ensure they feel comfortable.

When you need a Trusted Source for Professional Services

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Allowing someone to go through the grief process can be one of the greatest gifts you can offer them. Finding the right support is crucial and if you have recently experienced a loss and are researching funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, let our team of experts help you through the process. We are a locally owned company providing exceptional care for over 25 years, so contact us today.