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Options if COVID-19 Means Fewer People Can Attend Funeral Service

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away, but things can be a little more difficult when factoring COVID-19 and related safety protocols into the equation. Yes, you’ll still be able to hold a funeral service at a funeral home in Longview, TX. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to have as large of a funeral service as you might like.

Social distancing requirements mean that you might have to scale down the size of whatever final services event you’d like to plan. But the good news is that there are some ways you can help more people to experience the event even if they can’t physically be there.


One way you can accommodate more people than you might otherwise be able to is by streaming the funeral service. You can ask the funeral home you work with about this option. Whether they can handle do the streaming for you or allow you to do so yourself, streaming can be a good option. This will enable people who can’t be at the service in person, whether because they can’t get to the location or there is no space at the venue for more than a handful, to be part of the event. If you have family or friends who live in other countries, you can let them know that they can be part of the funeral service by logging in. Be sure to archive the recording so that it’s available for people to watch or to re-watch whenever they want.


Another way you can help people to feel part of the event is by having the funeral service recorded. You can have a cameraman record the event as it unfolds. While this can be a good option, it’s probably not as good as streaming the event live. Even so, the videotape option is better than not getting to see the funeral service at all.

Graveside Service

funeral home in Longview, TXYet another way you can accommodate more people is by holding a graveside service before the casket burial. You could, therefore, allow some people to go to the church service and then allow others to go to the graveside service. The immediate family members would go to both, of course, but other people could be assigned to go to one or the other.

When you need a funeral home in Longview, TX, get in touch with professionals at a reputable funeral home. You’ll likely be best served by finding a funeral home that is family owned and operated, that has a track record of having served many satisfied families, that operate a private crematory, and that has skilled employees who are focused on providing great customer service. In order to find the right funeral home, do some research first. You’ll want to check out online reviews, ask people you know for their suggestions, and even call some funeral homes to speak to the staff there. Once you find a reputable service provider, you’ll get all the help you need to plan a funeral service or a cremation for your loved one.