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Have You Fallen for Any of These Cremation Services Myths?

While cremation is now a common body disposition option, there are still a lot of myths that some people believe to be true. You don’t want to head into the final services planning process with an inaccurate understanding about final services. Read on for a look at some of the common — yet utterly wrong or misleading — myths about cremation services in Kilgore, TX.

Myth: It’s Not Possible to Combine a Cremation with a Funeral Service

The reality is that you can have a cremation service as well as a funeral service. Of course, that largely depends on the funeral home you sign on with. Some of them offer a wide arrange of options while others might only offer direct cremation that includes no viewing, no funeral service, and no extras whatsoever. So if it’s important for you and yours to have a funeral service as well as a cremation for a deceased relative, choose an appropriate funeral home.

Myth: Most Religions are Against Cremation

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of religions give their adherents permission to choose whichever body disposition option they want. A long time ago, many Christian churches cautioned their members against cremation. They taught that the future resurrection of believers was dependent on their being buried intact rather than cremated. But most of Christendom now believes that the method of body disposition has no bearing on the future resurrection. While there are a few religions that are against cremation, such as Islam, most are fine with it.

cremation services east texasMyth: Someone Else’s Ashes Might End Up in the Urn

Have you ever been told that you could end up with the ashes of someone else in your loved one’s urn? The truth of the matter is that funeral homes put only one body at a time in a cremation chamber, so the ashes you get in a cremation urn will be the cremated remains of your deceased loved one. So there’s no need to worry about a mix-up of this sort. You can also ask the funeral home to explain the processes they have in place to avoid any mix-ups.

If you’ve heard any of these myths, know for a certain that they are untrue. Get in touch with the experts at East Texas Funeral Home if you need to ask any questions or require clarification. We’re family owned and operated, have served thousands of satisfied families, operate a private family owned crematory, and have an employee base that is 100% composed of licensed staff. We’ll help you plan cremation services in Kilgore, TX, funeral service, or memorial service. We strive to help families to make final services arrangements for their deceased loved ones, and we strive to offer affordable and meaningful experiences. You can get a hold of us by phone or online at In fact, you can plan final services online on our website should you prefer that option. Our goal is to assist you in any way we can, so get in touch when you require our help.