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Questions and Facts About Storing the Ashes

Once the cremation services in Kilgore, TX, are completed, the ashes will need to be picked up and stored. The biggest question is going to be where you put the urn. Several key locations can be utilized, and the decision will also be based on the situation and the household’s emotional needs. There are a few things to consider for choosing a safe location for the earn, so here is a list of recommendations.

What Effect do You Want to Have?

A few things to consider are the design, material, color, and style of the urn because this can help narrow down the spaces where it will fit well. Do you want the urn to be blended in with the background? Or are you wanting it to be displayed as a tribute to the deceased? These are both important questions to ask when you’re picking the urn because they can help create an aesthetic that feels appropriate.

Picking the Room

A standard family home will have several rooms to choose from, and typically the urn is placed in the den, living room, or office. There are some cases where it may go into the hallway or a bedroom, but these can be considered less popular options.

Areas to Place the Urn

Some of the best places to display urns include:


If the urn is made from fragile material life, you will want to keep it higher up and out of the way of day-to-day activities. Using a shelf could be a great alternative because you can combine it with other trinkets like candles or homemade memorabilia about the loved one.


The fireplace mantle has frequently been chosen as an option for urns because it is typically the centerpiece in the room. The biggest consideration with this area is ensuring the material from the urn is one that won’t warp easily with temperature changes to ensure it stays in good condition.

Bedside Areas

This may be considered a more intimate location, but each person’s experience will feel different, which might be the appropriate choice. It can help foster a feeling of closeness to the disease, offering comfort in having the ashes nearby.


This is another great choice if you have a trophy case or display cabinet such as a hutch. And not only offers an extra layer of protection for the urn and creates a display type of experience so the vessel will be easily seen.

Hanging Up

The recommendation is to purchase an urn that can be hung on a wall. Various companies specialize in wall-mounted plaque-style vessels, and they can be decorated or inscribed in a customized way, keeping them safer and still in a displayed fashion.

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cremation services in Kilgore, TX

Finding the right area of the home to display the urn is a personal experience so consider the suggestions in this article to help narrow down the options. And if you require professional and affordable cremation services in Kilgore, TX, we are here to help. We are a leading provider and would love to support you through the process, so contact us today.

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Visiting Cemeteries Have Their Etiquette, and Here are Just a Few Considerations

Once a loved one passes away and they have been laid to rest with one of the funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, it may feel appropriate to visit them at the burial site. Cemeteries have specific etiquette, so we have created a list of helpful considerations to utilize when visiting.

Use a Quiet Voice

Cemeteries are a location where visitors are typically grieving, so the first tip is to refrain from using a loud voice when you’re in the space. This is a common courtesy to any others visiting because it allows everyone to have space while they are at a loved one’s resting site.

Try to Avoid Walking Across Graves

Another rule of etiquette is to avoid walking over the grave. This action can be seen as disrespectful because it is their final resting place, so you want to do your best to walk around them unless unavoidable.

Keep Pets on a Leash

Pets can be considered family members for some individuals, and if the cemetery allows it, it is encouraged to bring them to the grave site. However, one of the rules of etiquette is to keep them leashed simply out of respect for anyone else who may be visiting. In addition to this, animals are also not going to refrain from walking over the graves or sensually disrupting the burial site.

Follow Any Rules

It’s not uncommon for cemeteries to have their own set of rules to follow, and are few can include:

  • Specific opening and closing hours that may be posted
  • No firearms except for military events
  • Obeying posted speed limit signs
  • Avoiding parking or driving on the grass

There may also be limitations on what can be left at the gravesite, and some cemeteries only allow fresh flowers and no other decorations.

Respect the Other Visitors

When you visit, there’s nothing wrong with being friendly and offering a smile to others at the cemetery. However, trying to create small talk with other individuals is not recommended. This is because some people may not emotionally be open to having any conversations and need their personal space, so keep this in mind if you encounter other visitors.

Do Not Touch the Headstones

You also want to avoid touching the headstones because each one is special and needs to be treated with respect. They are sentimental gestures that honor an individual’s life and while viewing and reading them is perfectly acceptable, touching them could be upsetting for the deceased’s family members.

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As you can see, these are just a few rules of etiquette to follow. It can be helpful to check with the property to see if there are any others you need to be aware of to ensure your visit is done respectfully.

If you’re looking for affordable funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, our team is here to help you. We have been in business since 1993, providing exceptional services for all our clients, and we provide personalized assistance and attention that’s unmatched, so contact us today.

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Veteran Memorials are a Unique Event, so Here are Some Helpful Ideas to Include

Organizing funerals or cremation services in Longview, TX, can be confusing because many details can be included in the events. This can get more complicated, especially if there’s a veteran in your life that has passed away because, in most cases, the individual will need to be honored uniquely. In most cases, veteran funerals have additional services, so we have gathered some traditional choices here.

Have a Tribute

Video tributes have been growing in popularity for years because they offer an opportunity to highlight video footage and photos of the individual’s life. It can be a heartfelt and thoughtful option to add to the services because it gives the opportunity to celebrate the individual uniquely.

Add a Display

Whether the loved one is being buried with taps or military honors, it’s encouraged to create a display with any achievements they accomplished in their career. Items, including uniforms, awards, metals, and photos of their military career, can all be displayed in different fashions within the room to highlight their devotion to the military.

Include an Open Mic Guest Book

What are the best ways to get to know individuals is through the stories of their life. These can include experiences they had with members of their platoon or from friends and family members. In either situation, it can help highlight their service and the effect of the world around them.

Bury Them in Uniform

Soldiers keep their uniforms until they pass away, which is held with the highest honor. Burying the individual in the uniform is seen as a sign of respect; however, it is a personal choice, so take some time to consider it before making a final decision.

Have a Flag Ceremony

The flag ceremony is also another honorable way to commemorate them. The process includes playing taps; then, the flag is folded into the traditional tri-cornered shape and presented to the family.

Celebrate Their Life

An individual’s military career is an incredibly important part of their life, but so is their family and home life. So, it’s recommended to include as many details as possible about their personal life through photos, decorations, or personalization of items like food services.  

If they had any achievements outside of the military from other careers, volunteering, or hobbies and interest, these could also be incorporated into the event because they are just as meaningful and essential as their military career.

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These are just a few recommendations to honor the veteran in your life. Considering who they were and what they enjoyed can also be meaningful resources to add to the event and help create a memorable experience.

Getting the proper support is crucial and if you need streamlined and professional cremation services in Longview, TX, let our team of experts help you through the process. We have helped thousands of families in our communities and are family owned and operated, so contact us today if you have any questions.

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6 Helpful Resources to Utilize When Holiday Grief Arises

Grief is complicated, and the holidays can make the situation harder after the loved one has been laid to rest. Once the services are completed, and you’ve worked with one of the funeral homes in Longview, TX, there are several key ways to help transition into the holidays and special cases easier. Knowing how to navigate emotions can be a helpful tool, so here are a few recommendations.

Take Time to Share With Others

If your loved one is unique, like they shared with others around them, getting together with others who knew them and sharing stories about the loved one can be a truly healing experience. Remembering positive aspects of the loved one’s life and highlighting how important they can bring a sense of comfort and connection to everyone involved.

Have a Special Holiday Meal

Holiday meals are not uncommon for individuals and families, and they can be an excellent opportunity to bring loved ones closer together. If your loved one had a specific food type they preferred, you might consider adding this to the meal plan as a way to honor their memory.

Visit the Loved One’s Grave

Taking the time to visit your loved ones resting place is also an excellent way to still connected to them and offer a chance to process some of the grief. Giving yourself as much time as needed is crucial, and this is considered a healthy form of healing after loss.

Bake a Favorite Item

If the individual had a favorite baked item they made every year for the holidays, why not make this part of honoring and remembering them? This is especially true if children are present in the household because it can be seen as a grief-healing activity as the baked goods can remind them of the loved one and offer comfort.

Put on a Movie They Loved

Watching holiday movies is also another common activity that individuals participate in. So, if your loved one had a favorite title that they regularly enjoy, come on; making time to watch it can be a reminder of them and foster a sense of connection.

Make a Remembrance Trinket

Trinkets and ornaments are a regular part of holiday decorations and creating one in memory of your loved one can be a great way to commemorate them. Using paints, glitter, or any other craft items, can create a personalized item that can be a healing form of expression and a gentle reminder of the loved one.

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One of the biggest things to consider if you are planning commemorative events is that everyone heals differently, and some of the activities could be triggering for specific individuals. Checking in and asking others how they feel about the activity can be helpful, and they may also have a suggestion that feels like the right choice.

And if you have recently just lost a loved one and are researching  funeral homes in Longview, TX, our team is here to support you. We are family owned and operated and have been providing service since 1993, so contact us today.