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What is Proper Attire for a Funeral or Cremation?

Anytime an individual loses a loved one and needs to schedule funeral or cremation services in Marshall, TX, they may also be planning and memorial service so others can grieve the loss and say goodbye. One thing that’s good to be mindful of is what is appropriate to wear to one of these events. Here is a layout of proper attire for these events to help you make the right choice.

Traditionally Speaking

The first thing you will need to consider is what kind of an event is going to be held. If you’re going to a traditional funeral, the clothing will be far different than what you would wear to a celebration of life. You also need to consider if any religious or cultural traditions will be upheld at the event because there may be specific pieces of attire that need to be worn at that time.

Some individuals may choose to have a theme that honors the loved one by utilizing specific kinds of alternative clothing or costumes. These are just a few reasons why it’s essential to check and see what kind of an event will be held, so you understand what’s required.

Women’s Clothing

At a traditional funeral or memorial service, the most common pieces of clothing for women to wear are:

  • Pantsuit or skirt in darker colors
  • Knee-length or longer skirt with a sweater
  • Pumps or flat shoes are recommended

Depending on the occasion, it may be encouraged to wear a hat or even open-toed shoes or sandals. Still, the critical factor is to choose more conservative clothing, like something you would wear to a professional event.

Men’s Clothing

When it comes to men’s attire, there are a few things to keep in mind that are acceptable:

  • Dark colors with a suit and collared shirt
  • Casual shoes that match the rest of the clothing
  • We recommended avoiding wearing jeans, baseball caps, and sneakers unless it’s otherwise indicated.

Other Things to Consider

Children should follow the same suggestions with a professional or church-style dress. The clothing may also be contingent upon if the event will be held outdoors and what the weather is. We always recommend checking with the facilitator to see if any specific requests need to be upheld when coming to attend.

Keeping Traditions in Mind

cremation services in Marshall, TXHaving the proper attire can make a difference at any service that you may go to. You want to make sure that your clothing does not take away from the event, so avoid wearing any bright colors or clothing with expressive writing on them. These events can be emotional for many, so keeping your dress appropriate can help keep focus on the main purpose.

East Texas Funeral Home specializes in multiple options from preplanning to cremation services in Marshall, TX. we take great pride and offering affordable prices and focusing on keeping traditional service is at the forefront of our business. We would love to help you plan a genuinely honorable and authentic event for your loved one, so give us a call today.

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Options to Pay for a Cremation or Funeral Service

Losing a loved one is not only a painful experience but can also be an expensive one, and if you’ve just started looking at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, preplanning or to a loved one to rest, the costs can be stressful. Understanding your options for covering the financial portion of the services can help make the process an easier one, so here are some suggestions.

Savings Account

One of the first things you can do if you are preplanning is to create a budget that will allow for contributions to services. Having a complete list of your wishes helps you understand your budget and helps loved ones know the right choices for planning. This is also true if you are helping someone else with planning needs and emphasize the importance of having the specific details in place, so there’s no confusion.

Pre-paid Contracts

Some funeral companies will work with individuals to accept payments over a time that are specifically devoted to cremation or funeral services. This can be a beneficial way to have an organized plan in place with the funeral home.


Ideally, an insurance plan will be in place when the loved one passes away, with part of it committed to helping pay for the services. There may also be a situation where the funds might not be available right away, and the funeral company can work with agencies to help offer a loan until the money is released from the policy.

Community Support

If your funding is limited and you’re looking for more resources, you might check in with local churches or agencies to see if they have anything in place to offer support. This can also be applied to crowdfunding sources such as platforms like GoFundMe. These platforms allow individuals to set up specific donation options to assist families or individuals in need.

Outside Agencies

Depending on if specific requirements are met, agencies such as the Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration might be of assistance. In some cases, they can offer a one-time donation to help with the cost of services for the individual.

It is recommended to research local charities that can assist because some can help out with funeral costs. In addition, the body can also be donated to science, or you might choose to have a direct cremation or funeral service to save on costs.funeral homes in Marshall, TX

Commitment Where it Counts

Losing a loved one is stressful enough, but when you combine that with trying to find ways to pay for the services, it can be a confusing experience to try to navigate. It’s vital to find the right company for you to work with when looking at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, and East Texas Funeral Home is here to help. We commit to creating an event that honors your loved one while at the same time offering affordable options for your budget. If you’d like more information or to make an appointment, give us a call today.

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Self-Care Tips for Holiday Grief

Traditions, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are generally meant to be a time for celebration for some. for others, this may not be the case, especially if they have recently lost a loved one and are planning  cremation services in Kilgore, TX. It can be difficult enough to go day to day and have to process the feelings of grief, but when special occasions such as holidays arise, it can make it that much more complicated. With the expectations and memories that can come up, it’s helpful to have some self-care tips to make the process easier, so here are a few to help.

Create a Plan

One of the first things that you can do to help yourself and others around you is to have a plan in place for ways to take care of yourself when the days are more challenging. This could look like practicing more compassion or patience if the feelings are fluctuating because you might need more time, so removing some pressure can be beneficial.

If you support someone else who has lost a loved one, it may be beneficial to remind them that it’s okay to be right where they are and to offer any support if they need it.

Listen to Your Needs

When it comes to holidays, there may be so much going on, recommended to make sure that you or the individual who has gone through the loss is taking the time to express any needs. This could mean simply sitting and talking about the emotional experience of saying no to an event and creating boundaries around the festivity.

It’s not unreasonable to not want to participate in customary traditions if you have recently lost someone, so try to refrain from using self-judgment and allow your feelings to be what they are. It’s highly recommended to seek out emotional support, whether from family members or outside sources, to help express any emotions and release them.

Create a New Routine

If the deceased was involved in a large part of the planning for holiday traditions, you might want to consider delegating the tasks to other people. You could also change time-honored traditions in various ways like:

  • Attending a different event than usual
  • Changing a regular dinner menu for a family gathering
  • Incorporating new ideas that are more based around your life now

It can be a great option to talk to other family members to see if they can introduce or remove traditions. Or you may want to keep them in place and still find a way to incorporate the loved ones into your celebration to honor them during the holiday.cremation services at a Kilgore, TX

Comfort and Compassion

However, you choose to celebrate your holidays will be based on what your needs are and the people around you. A vital part of honoring your loved one is finding a compassionate and caring company to work with when you need cremation services in Kilgore, TX. East Texas Funeral Home has been serving our local community since 1993 by offering affordable services for all our clients. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, we are here to help, so contact us today.

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Tips for Making a Great Tribute Video for Your Loved One

There’s no doubt that when a loved one passes away, the experience can be confusing and challenging to navigate with all the feelings involved. So, if you have started looking at funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, you might be beginning to figure out the details for the services and want to have more information on tribute videos. Here are some steps to create a great video to help get you started.

What is the Purpose?

Traditionally when an individual holds a memorial service, having a photo display can be highly beneficial for the attendees to promote healing. The video tribute takes this one step further because it allows individuals to share in experiences and, in some cases, see those experiences on screen. The video tribute can help promote healing, particularly if someone is missing the loved one, and can remind them of the positive aspects of the individual’s life.

Gather the Information

The first step you will need to take to create a video tribute is to gather information about the individual. One great idea is to reach out to friends or family that know the person well and ask them if they would like to share in the production. It’s recommended to gather specific media such as home movies or digital photos to combine them into the tribute.

It can be helpful to look at social media websites for any valuable photos that can help authentically reflect your loved one positively. If you don’t have a way to scan the images, you might consider uploading them and asking a friend or family member to help you get them added to the file for the video.

Create the Video

Once you have gathered all the information, including music that you want to be incorporated into the video, you will need to create an attribute. This can be done in two ways: download the appropriate program to your computer or phone. The other option is to reach out to a local company that can create the video for you. Both of these will generate a cost, so it’s good to do some research so you stay within your budget.

Other Considerations

funeral home in Kilgore, TXWe always recommend making some extra copies of the tribute in case individuals would like to have it’s to remember the loved one by. You might also choose to upload the tribute to a specific social media platform so anyone can access it that wants to watch it.

Quality Through Years of Commitment 

When it comes to funeral services, the small details can make all the difference in having an authentic and memorable event for all the attendees. East Texas Funeral Home has been in business for over 25 years, with a focus on commitment to our community. We take pride in helping our clients through all the stages of planning, so if you’re looking at funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, we would love to help with your event, so contact us today.