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Choosing the Right Design is a Must so Here are Popular Choices

After the cremation services in Marshall, TX, the individual suffering the loss may need to find comfort while processing the loss. Having personal reminders of the loved one can offer a sense of love or joy and help them navigate the process more effectively. One option on the market is to create a piece of cremation jewelry, so here are the most popular choices on the market.


There are many kinds of jewelry on the market, and one popular choice is an urn necklace. They are small enough to wear but still hold a certain amount of ash from the loved one to carry with you. You can also get lockets that will hold the cremated remains with a photo of your choosing to remember them whenever you choose.


Memorial urn bracelets are also a great choice because they come in many different materials and can be designed to hold part of the cremated remains. They come in various colors and designs so you can find the right one to match your needs.


Memorial rings are not only unique but can be stunning designs and hold up to .18 oz of an individual’s ashes. They range in price, so there are affordable options or can range up to extravagant depending on what you are looking for.


Some companies specialize in manufacturing jewelry like diamonds made from the cremated remains of a loved one. The process is completed by isolating the carbon in the remains, which will turn into a carbon graphite substance that starts the beginning stages. After a time, the diamond will begin to grow, and after a period of time, it becomes the chosen size and is extracted. This gem can be a great option because you can place them in any form of jewelry you would like to have and know that your loved one is there with you.


Pendants have been an excellent jewelry choice for many different situations, and this is no different when it comes to cremated remains. Many different styles and options are available, including teardrop shapes or hearts made from glass that can hold a small part of the individual’s remains. The coloring can come in swirls that look like a galaxy or something more subtle with a marble style that has opal backgrounds. The pendants are highly flexible, so if you are looking for gold, silver, or glass, there are many items available to choose from.

Quality and Compassion for You  

cremation services in Marshall, TXAs you can see, there are many choices for cremation jewelry options to choose from. Having a way to take your loved one with you when you choose can offer a sense of comfort and strength as the process of grief is navigated, promoting healing.

All of the details that come with the cremation services in Marshall, TX, will make a difference when moving through the loss of the person, so you want a qualified company to help you. We are a local company that takes great pride in offering services that genuinely honor our clients loved ones, so call us today for an appointment.

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Practicing Self-care is a Must, but How do You do It?

It is no secret that taking care of yourself is essential in day-to-day life, but it can be that much more important when facing grief. Planning the details of the services at one of the local funeral homes in Marshall, TX, can feel confusing and exhaustive if you have not had to go through it before. Learning fundamental ways to care for yourself profoundly or someone else in grief is a great starting point. Knowing what to do to practice self-care is the starting point, so here is more information.

Using Compassion

The level of grief an individual experiences after loss will vary depending on the situation, and so it is essential to remember that one way to allow the feelings to be there is with compassion. Whether it is for you or someone, you support being mindful that regardless of what feelings are arising is a vital part of processing the emotions and can lead to healing.

Doing Something Enjoyable

When someone is in a state of grief, there may be points where it can feel like the only thing, they are experiencing is loss. So, another suggestion is to take time to do something enjoyable or even fun. This could consist of watching a movie, buying something nice, or getting a massage. Essentially engaging in anything that brings a sense of contentment or happiness because it may take the individual’s mind off their grief even temporarily, which could be a needed break.

Connect with Others

Grief can feel isolating for some individuals, so part of releasing and healing the feelings is to connect with others. This can be particularly helpful if the others are also going through the loss process because the pain can be shared through the connection. Knowing others and understanding the pain of the individual’s passing can help release some of the emotions and create a sense of comfort and healing.

Express Feelings

Another important suggestion is to take the time to express the emotions around the loss. This could be done through many channels, depending on what the person chooses to use. Writing, creating through painting, or any other activity that allows the feelings to come out can foster a sense of relief and release.

We are Here from Start to Finish 

funeral homes in Marshall, TXFinding ways to help relieve some of the pain of the loss is an essential part of self-care, and it can make a difference in the overall process. In addition, if you support someone who is going through the loss, it is recommended to make sure you are getting support as well.

Losing a loved one can be incredibly painful, and if you have never had to plan services, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the  funeral homes in Marshall, TX, so we are here to help. We are a locally owned company that emphasizes creating affordable services for all our clients. We offer multiple options we specialize in and would love to help you as you go through the planning process, so contact us today.

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Choosing the Right Clothing is Essential and Here are some Options

If you have never been to a cremation service, you might be curious about what kind of clothing you should wear. In many cases, it may simply come down to the colors you choose, but it can also depend on the services. Because multiple situations vary, it is good to get some information, so here is more on what you should wear to traditional cremation services in Kilgore, TX.

What is the Event?

The first thing you need to determine before picking out your clothing is what kind of event will be held. Because specific religious or cultural traditions will need to be upheld for the services, this might mean you have to wear a particular kind of clothing.

In addition to this, there are also some events where the coordinator may have chosen to have a celebration of life. This event tends to be a more lighthearted and uplifting service, so the clothing choices maybe a little more relaxed in what you can wear. There are also some situations where specific colors may be asked to be worn or even a theme, so it’s good to check with the coordinator before picking out your clothing so you can make an appropriate choice.

Traditional Tips

In most situations, when it comes to a traditional event, you are going to want to wear clothing that is darker in color, and a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Black is always appropriate
  • You can wear non-black clothing but choose colors that aren’t bright
  • You want to avoid wearing open collars, so any dresses or shirts should cover up the neck area
  • Do not wear flip flops or athletic shoes unless otherwise requested
  • Avoid wearing any loud graphics or prints
  • Wear something that you would to a professional meeting or church function
  • Avoid wearing revealing attire and, in a lot of cases, keep these shoulders and knees covered

Women’s Choices

  • Skirts and dresses that reach the knees
  • Avoid sundresses
  • Pantsuit
  • Skirt with blouse

In addition, do your best to refrain from wearing anything overly revealing or casual such as leggings or sandals, unless the event calls for it.

Men’s Clothing

  • Belt with a tucked-in shirt
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Suit with tie
  • Dress pants with a button-up shirt

Keep in mind it may feel tempting to wear sneakers or a baseball hat with these will need to be avoided as much as possible not to appear overly casual.

Children’s Options

cremation services in Kilgore, TXChildren should generally follow the same options as adults, but it may be more acceptable for them to wear different colored clothing in this situation. Try to avoid wearing anything overly loud or taking away from the event itself.

Professional and Affordable Services

When it comes to scheduling  cremation services in Kilgore, TX, you might be confused about the steps if you have never had to plan one before, so we are here to help. We are a locally owned company and work hard to provide all our clients with the highest level of customer service and care on the market, so contact us today if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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Choosing the Right Token Can Make a Difference so Here is More

After a loved one has passed on and services are completed at one of the selected funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, one great option to offer attendees is a token to remember the event. Finding an item that reminds you of your loved one that you can share with others can provide a deep sense of connection and healing for all, so here are some of the most popular items to offer.

Keep it Personal with a Favorite Recipe

If the loved one was an avid baker or chef, you might consider copying down one of their favorite recipes and putting it on cards that can be given to the attendees. This can be a personal item that people can use any time of the year to feel connected to the individual and enjoy a special treat.

Charms are Gentle Reminders

Charms are great because they come in various sizes and shapes and can be personalized to meet the event’s needs. There are multiple different kinds of metals you can use, and you can even have them inscribed with a short phrase that represents what the loved one meant to you.

Personalize a Keychain

In most situations, when an individual passes away, it can be helpful to have items that remind you of them because this can offer comfort throughout your day. A keychain is ideal because, in most situations, individuals take their keys with them almost everywhere they go. This is why they are another great option as a reminder and token for the attendees.

Garden Ideas

If the individual loved gardening, there are a few options to choose from, and one of them is to create a personalized seed packet. You can select flowers like forget-me-nots or sunflowers, and they make an ideal gift because individuals will have something to nurture and care for that will bloom through the year.

In addition to this, you could also create a form of steppingstones or get personalized bird feeders. These items can be utilized in an outdoor area, and they may be ideal for individuals who enjoy being outdoors.

Are You Having a Candlelight Vigil?

funeral homes in Kilgore, TXCandles are generally a great gift, and some companies specialize in creating personalized candles for cremation and funeral services. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can have them inscribed with specific words about your loved one.

We Offer Friendly and Professional Services

These are just a few of the available options on the market to serve as gifts, and they can be a great way to show your appreciation for those in support of your family. Knowing what the right choice might be difficult for some individuals, so it’s crucial that when looking at funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, you make sure you pick a company that understands what it takes to create a genuinely thoughtful event. We are locally owned and offer affordable and streamlined cremation services that you can depend on, so give us a call today to schedule your appointment.