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What is Delayed Grief?

Delayed grief is something that occurs after an individual has passed away. In the situation where they needed to schedule cremation services in Marshall, TX, they may have been so busy with planning that they didn’t have time to let their feelings arise. There are other situations where the individual feels like they are the one who has to be vital for everyone else, so they will prevent their feelings from coming forward to start healing. The issue with grief is that it doesn’t go away until it’s fully processed, so it is imperative to understand the importance of going through the five stages.

Taking the Time to Allow

When someone loses a loved one, feelings start to arise if they are not comfortable with grief; they might do everything they can to prevent going through the experience and feeling the emotions. The problem with this is, the grief can cause other issues down the road if it is not addressed.

The emotion itself can manifest in different forms search as:

  • Anger
  • Loss of appetite
  • Overeating
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Irritability

The feelings and sensations can manifest from multiple situations, and it’s good for the individual to be aware if they are having an experience that they are unfamiliar with. Some causes of delayed grief are:

  • Ending a relationship
  • Losing a pet
  • A friendship ending
  • A loved one passing away
  • Losing a job

And it’s not common for individuals to be distracted by all of the details they need to go into planning, precisely when the loss of a loved one has occurred. It’s not until the services are over and the individual has time to sit down without planning or attending functions when they will begin to feel the emotions.

In some situations, the feelings may not show up for years depending on the case, and it’s good to be mindful to deal with the grief healthily. This means practicing self-care efforts and not engaging in things that will prevent the individual from moving forward and healing.

Is This Normal?

This form of grief is not unusual, and people’s bodies have defense mechanisms in them to keep them safe as they’re starting to process the pain. There are some reactions that an individual can experience even though the grief is delayed, and they can look like:

  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Yearning for the loved one
  • Crying

cremation services in Marshall, TXKeep in mind that there are positive ways to process the delayed grief and begin to get into a state of healing. Taking the time to understand what your needs are can be beneficial. Utilizing resources such as support groups, journaling to express your emotions, or reaching out to friends and family can all be helpful.

Care for the Community 

If you’ve recently lost a loved one and you need cremation services in Marshall, TX, East Texas Funeral Home is here to help. We offer preplanning, funeral, and cremation services that will help to honor your loved one in an authentic inappropriate way. We have affordable packages and would love to help you plan your event, so call us today.

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When do you need a hearse?

Hearses might not be a typical topic, and you might feel confused if you’re trying to decide on whether to rent one or not. It can be more complicated when you’re dealing with grief if you have had to look at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, after losing someone you love. You might be wondering what makes these vehicles so essential for transport and how the process will work if you decide to rent one?

What is a Hearse?

Essentially a hearse is a vehicle that has been designed to transport the deceased to the location where they will be buried. It’s not uncommon to see the hearse at the front of a funeral procession followed by multiple vehicles containing their friends and family. Because of how caskets are shaped, they don’t fit in traditional cars and need something more accommodating.

What Happens?

After the individual has been loaded into the vehicle, the hearse’s driver has a primary job of getting the body to the funeral in a safe manner. Because of the weight and size of the vessel, the individual housed in these vehicles only has the capacity to transport one casket at a time, and the driver is required to have a specialized license to operate the car.

There are specific rules of etiquette when it comes to the funeral procession, and the hearse will be in front, leading the family to the site. There may be situations where there can be a police escort depending on the individual, and road etiquette calls for passing cars or onlookers to wait until the procession has passed by before they continue their way.

Military Etiquette

When it comes to a military funeral, the hearse driver may do such duties as flag folding, applying unique decorations to the hearse, or draping the flag over the casket.

Other Considerations

There are multiple different kinds of hearses on the market depending on the family’s needs, and most are from luxury manufacturers. One of the most common options is a Cadillac but here are just a few others that you can choose from:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Buick Enclave

What is the Cost?

funeral home in Marshall, TXThe cost will vary depending on the business and type of vehicle you choose, and the average price is around $300. Knowing your budget will be highly beneficial when it comes to this extra service, and you may want to consider that it is not unusual to tip the driver.

Quality Meets Compassion

Gaining more information about any of the aspects of your service is highly beneficial to help you with your budgeting needs. Reserving a hearse is just one small portion of what goes into creating a great event, and you want to honor your loved one appropriately.

East Texas Funeral Home offers affordable traditional services with our community and families in mind. When it comes down to looking at  funeral services in Marshall, TX, you want a company you can depend on, so give us a call today to make your appointment.

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What Happens at a Virtual Funeral?

Traditionally funeral or  cremation services in Longview, TX, will be held in a facility such as a funeral home or church and will consist of family and friends coming together to grieve and express their condolences around the loss of the loved one. The idea is the same for a virtual gathering, but individuals will be in separate locations instead of together in one place.

Understanding how to navigate this process might be a little more complicated due to the fact that you must use a device to log in and participate, so here are some helpful suggestions.

What do you Do?

To get started at an online funeral, you will need a device such as a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. If the event is going to be held with a specific program such as zoom, you will want to make sure that you download the application to your handheld device, so you can log on when it’s time.

Generally, like a typical funeral, you’ll have the time and date that the event will be taking place annually be sent a link that will send you to the right website so you can access the event and join in.

What if you Have to Participate?

In the situation where you’ve been asked to speak at the services, there will be some extra steps which include ensuring that you have a microphone connected. You will also want to make sure you have a camera, and we recommend having a friend or family member log in with you to make sure everything is working correctly.

You also want to prepare a short eulogy or some thoughts you would like to share about the loved one but keep it relatively straightforward to allow others to offer their stories. If you’re not speaking at the event, you may also want to utilize the chat feature to write any messages or words of support for the family.

What do you Wear?

An online event is no different than attending an in-person function. You will always want to consider the dress code and make sure that you are wearing respectful clothing that’s not loud or flashy, depending on the event. Traditionally it’s not uncommon to wear dark in neutral colors to avoid clothing like athletic apparel.

Sending Sympathycremation services in Longview, TX

In the virtual environment, you can still offer your sympathy and pay your respects to the family. Whether you do it through the chat, physical card, or social media, it’s beneficial to take the time to let them know you’re there in support. Another great option is to offer flowers, or depending on the need of the family, more tangible items like gift cards are acceptable.

Trusting Us Through the Years

East Texas Funeral Home offers affordable funeral and cremation services in Longview, TX. We are a locally and family-owned crematory specializing in creating memorial services that truly honor your loved one. We want to make your planning an easy experience, so give us a call today, and we will help you get started in the process.

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How Much is a Funeral?

When a loved one passes away, and they have no preplanning, you might be the one who has to make the arrangements and organize a budget for the services. When you compile this on top of any grief or emotions you might be experiencing; it can feel overwhelming to know that you must make the right choice.

If you started researching  funeral homes in Longview, TX, you might find that setting up Funeral services can be an expensive endeavor if you’re on a budget. So read on for more information on funeral costs.

  • What is the Typical Cost for a Burial?

A burial service in the US will typically cost between $6000 and $9000, but these prices also depend on multiple factors and details that can go into an event, such as:

  • Transport to the Funeral Home

After the individual passes away, there will need to be a transportation process to get the loved one to the funeral facility. This may require a specialized vehicle and can cost anywhere from $300 to $400, depending on the company.

  • Cosmetology

In most cases, preparations will need to be carried out to get the individual back to a viewable state. This service can include hair, makeup, and any restoration that needs to occur and can cost around $225.

  • Service Fees

These fees are a basic charge by the funeral home and can include basic arrangements, death certificates, and securing permits. This portion of the service can cost around $2000.

  • Hearse

Not uncommon for families to transport their loved ones to the cemetery in a rented vehicle. The hearse is an alternative and can cost around $400.

  • Memorial Prints

If you want to have a printed program, keepsakes, or funeral invitations, these will cost around $175, and most funeral homes can handle this portion of the service.

  • Embalming 

Embalming is a common practice that uses chemicals to slow down the individual’s decomposition. This is traditionally used when viewing to help sustain the body for a more extended period and can cost $750.

  • Metal Casket

The casket price can vary depending on the material you choose, but a common choice is metal due to its durability and affordability, which can cost around $2500. There’s also the option of renting a casket for the service but burying the individual in a less expensive one.

  • Headstonefuneral homes in Longview, TX

The headstone is a grave marker for where your loved one is laid to rest. They traditionally come with an engraving of the name, date of birth, and a phrase about the person. Depending on the quality of the headstone material, they average about $1000.

  • Quality Meets Compassionate Care

East Texas Funeral Home has been in business since 1993, offering affordable and high-quality care for our local community. We pride ourselves on understanding the processes that come with creating a service to honor your loved one, so if you are searching for funeral homes in Longview, TX, we are here to help you. Give us a call today to get started on your planning process.