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At-Sea Burials are an Honorable Way to Lay a Loved One to Rest, so here are Some Important Considerations

Funeral homes in Marshall, TX, are a great starting point for planning meaningful traditional events, but if your loved one is looking for an at-sea burial, it can take some additional research. There are several things to consider, including the regulations about them and the different types available, and we have them listed here for you.

EPA Regulations

The EPA or Environment Protection Agency has specific rules for these events to help negate possible impacts on the natural world. The primary regulations for full body disposal are:

  • You must be at least three nautical miles away from the shore
  • The depth of the water needs to be 600 to 1800 feet depending on the location
  • The casket will need holes drilled in it to ensure it will sink
  • You may need to add weights and chains to the casket to make sure it stays on the bottom of the ocean
  • The EPA needs to be notified 30 days before the event
  • Any items being placed in the water, including the casket, all need to be biodegradable


For a civilian event, a boat will need to be chartered. Several companies specialize in these burials, and the cost is typically 2-3 times the price of a traditional burial due to the experience. There needs to be a licensed funeral director on board for the process and if you choose to use a casket, ensure there is no plastic or toxins going on or in it. One thing to consider if you select this option is to ensure the charter vessel is large enough to accommodate the event and attendees.


Anyone who was in the military can have an at-sea burial. The service will be completed on a vessel that is one deployment which means the family will not be able to attend the ceremony. However, a commanding officer will send a notification to them with the location, date, and time the event took place.


There are also situations where an individual will have requested an at-sea scattering after Cremation Services. This can be done by releasing the ashes into the waves, or you may need to purchase a biodegradable urn it can be directly placed into the water. For these services, it can be a more meaningful experience to release flowers or petals as the urn or ashes are being released into the water.

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