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Ideas and Tips for Creating a Memorable Reception After Loss

Whether you plan funeral or cremation services in Marshall, TX, the reception can play a pivotal role in helping create a sense of connection, and you want it to be as meaningful as possible. Historically, meals were shared by friends and family after the services and have now become something that anyone who attended the event can go to. With the push for more uniqueness in our society, this also applies to the reception, so here are some popular ideas to include.

Pick a Unique Food

When making the menu, why not consider choosing a favorite food or beverage of the loved one? You could even create a specially designed edible or drinkable option named after them. Another alternative is to have a unique buffet style or incorporate a potluck so everyone can contribute.

Add in Meaningful Music

Having music at the event is another way to fix frost loss and highlight how amazing your loved one was. Consider playing their favorite tunes, hiring a local band, or even having individuals singing at the event can already get more memorable.

Incorporate a Slideshow

A slideshow can help highlight different parts of the individual’s life, which is much easier to create now through computers and handheld devices. Incorporating a series of photos playing in the background during the event can offer another glimpse into the individual’s life and legacy.

Add in Some International Flare

If the loved one enjoyed specific types of international foods or traveling, why not have a theme at the reception? Choosing a local restaurant to cater the food or finding a recipe online and serving it at the event can both be ways to add a unique touch.

Add in a Happy Hour

Hosting a happy hour could also be a way to honor the individual at the reception. This could be accomplished on site where the services are being held, or you could arrange it for a different location that the individual enjoys.

Offer a Gift for Attendees

Having the support of others at the event is crucial and offering them a gift can be a way to say thank you for this. Choosing items that provide a way to remember the individual, such as their favorite chocolate, loving memory decals, or key chains, can all be excellent choices.

Pick Unique Decorations

The decorations can also help make it a meaningful experience, and you may want to incorporate things such as:

  • Guestbook that the attendees can sign
  • Include personalized candles at the tables
  • Pick the favorite colors of the deceased
  • Incorporate hobbies or interests they had as part of the décor

When You Need an Affordable and Professional Option, we are Herecremation services in Marshall, TX

Planning the reception can be a big part of the event, and if you need additional help, you should reach out to family or friends to help delegate tasks. Losing a loved one can pose challenges, and getting the proper assistance is crucial when it is time to play on the cremation services in Marshall, TX. You want a professional team at your side, and we have been providing expert services for over 25 years, so contact us today.