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Facts and Considerations About Eco-Friendly Burial Options

There are multiple options that individuals can choose from with time to plan services at one of the funeral homes in Longview, TX. Traditionally, the individual will choose cremation or burial, and if they are looking for an alternative, selecting eco-friendly methods might be the right choice. There are five main ways to have one of these events and we have them listed here for you.

What are Eco-Friendly Burials?

When planning a traditional burial service, one of the main details typically includes embalming services which involves placing a formaldehyde-based solution into the arteries and organs of the deceased to keep them in a more viewable state longer. It can also require utilizing specific kinds of caskets that may have different finishes or stains before they are placed into a plot.

The focus for eco-friendly burials is to avoid using any of these extra details and only utilize materials that are sustainable and will break down easily in the soil. Once an individual is placed in a biodegradable container, it can be decomposed more naturally, making it an alternative choice.

Options Available

On a Preserve

There are specific pieces of property around the United States designated for eco-friendly burials. These do not allow any embalming or toxins into the soil. The container needs to be a biodegradable choice made from simple materials, and in most cases, the burial fees will go towards the reserve to help maintain its natural state.

Mushroom Burials

This is one of the newer options available, and there is a specific type of mushroom that will help to break the auto body. As the body degrades, the mushrooms absorb the contents, creating a unique option that feeds the soil and the natural world around it.

Body Farm

Part of understanding the human body requires being able to study them, and a body farm can be beneficial because it can contribute to education. It can also help for scientific purposes to understand natural decomposition and how the environment is affected by it. The donor can have their body sent to the farm, considered a green type of cemetery, and be used for scientific research.

At Sea

individuals being buried at sea have been around for thousands of years, which can be an excellent option for anyone who enjoys the water. Whether they have been cremated or are in full body form, it can make an excellent option to lay them to rest.

In a Tree Pod

Tree pods or one of the newest options on the market, the deceased will be placed inside a capsule buried in the soil, and a tree will be planted. The plant is nourished as the body decomposes and can be perfect for anyone who is a forest lover.

funeral homes in Longview, TX

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