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When do you need a hearse?

Hearses might not be a typical topic, and you might feel confused if you’re trying to decide on whether to rent one or not. It can be more complicated when you’re dealing with grief if you have had to look at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, after losing someone you love. You might be wondering what makes these vehicles so essential for transport and how the process will work if you decide to rent one?

What is a Hearse?

Essentially a hearse is a vehicle that has been designed to transport the deceased to the location where they will be buried. It’s not uncommon to see the hearse at the front of a funeral procession followed by multiple vehicles containing their friends and family. Because of how caskets are shaped, they don’t fit in traditional cars and need something more accommodating.

What Happens?

After the individual has been loaded into the vehicle, the hearse’s driver has a primary job of getting the body to the funeral in a safe manner. Because of the weight and size of the vessel, the individual housed in these vehicles only has the capacity to transport one casket at a time, and the driver is required to have a specialized license to operate the car.

There are specific rules of etiquette when it comes to the funeral procession, and the hearse will be in front, leading the family to the site. There may be situations where there can be a police escort depending on the individual, and road etiquette calls for passing cars or onlookers to wait until the procession has passed by before they continue their way.

Military Etiquette

When it comes to a military funeral, the hearse driver may do such duties as flag folding, applying unique decorations to the hearse, or draping the flag over the casket.

Other Considerations

There are multiple different kinds of hearses on the market depending on the family’s needs, and most are from luxury manufacturers. One of the most common options is a Cadillac but here are just a few others that you can choose from:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Buick Enclave

What is the Cost?

funeral home in Marshall, TXThe cost will vary depending on the business and type of vehicle you choose, and the average price is around $300. Knowing your budget will be highly beneficial when it comes to this extra service, and you may want to consider that it is not unusual to tip the driver.

Quality Meets Compassion

Gaining more information about any of the aspects of your service is highly beneficial to help you with your budgeting needs. Reserving a hearse is just one small portion of what goes into creating a great event, and you want to honor your loved one appropriately.

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