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What Paperwork is Necessary When Someone Passes Away?

The process of laying a loved one to rest can be a difficult and emotional time. It is even more complicated when you must decide between a direct cremation or traditional funerals. If you choose  cremation services in Marshall, TX, you may also have to incorporate memorial services on top of everything else. A question you might be asking is, what paperwork do you need? How do you know that you have all the correct paperwork for the proceedings?

Papers to be Gathered

Most of the paperwork will be coming from the deceased’s home and could be found in places like filing cabinets or safety deposit boxes. In some cases, family members may have the paperwork, so you may have to ask individuals to access them. If you have been assigned as the executor, you will need two different documents.

Death Certificate

Most institutions require this document because it proves that the individual has passed away and that their assets can be distributed legally. Companies like the Social Security Administration or any other financial institution will require them. We recommend getting between two and three dozen copies of this certificate.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

There’s also the possibility that you may need the employer identification number. This establishes the deceased’s estate as an entity that can settle any debts such as a mortgage. The remaining assets can be distributed to others per will.

Other Information

There will be other documents that you will need to retrieve that has personal information listed on them.

  • Social Security card.
  • Divorce decrees.
  • Death or birth certificate.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Paperwork showing citizenship.
  • Marriage licenses or any agreements such as prenuptial.

Consider that all this information may not always be necessary, and it just depends on what the situation is. We will need identification, so make sure you get a photo ID and any insurance information. You will need to include any wishes or plans the individual had around the service that they wanted. This can consist of biographical information or a eulogy.

Estate and Financial Information

Other documents you will need or things like the testament, any power of attorney, or living trust-filled out. There may be organ donation papers or specific instructions on what needs to be done. If the individual has a lawyer, you can contact them or talk to their doctor to see any prior discussion.cremation services in Marshall, TX

Financial information can include bank statements, life insurance policies, stocks or bonds, or any retirement information. You can look for deeds for real estate or contracts, titles for vehicles, and safety deposit information.

Final Concerns

As you can see, many steps need to be taken when planning cremation services in Marshall, TX. You may be looking at funeral homes or cremation services to help lay your loved one to rest, so you want a company you can depend on. The compassionate and caring team at East Texas Funeral Home understands how hard it can be to let your loved one go, so give us a call today and help you through the steps