cremation service in Marshall, TX

You Want Options When Planning Final Service? Go with a Cremation

Do you need to plan a final service? Are you interested in arranging something that gives you options? It can be easier and less stressful to plan a cremation service in Marshall, TX because you will have so many options at your disposal. Here’s a look at some of them.

Simple Cremation or Cremation with Service

Whether you want to have a simple cremation or a cremation with a service of some type, you can have it your way. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that not all funeral homes offer cremations with a service. Some only offer direct cremations, which are the simplest types of cremation. With a direct cremation, there is no service component. So make sure you find a death care services provider that offers cremation with a service if that’s what you want to plan.

Simple Cremation and Postpone Memorial

Given that we’re in the midst of a pandemic that has resulted in group sizes at services being capped, one option is to hold a simple cremation now while waiting a while to hold a memorial. You might simply wish to wait until you can hold a memorial or celebration of life service – so that you can have a large group of people rather than just a small handful.

Final Disposition of Cremated Remains

Another way cremation offers options pertaining to the final disposition of cremated remains. Quite simply, you’ll have a lot of things you can do. If you want to do something traditional, you might simply want to take the ashes home with you in a cremation urn. You’ll be able to choose a place in your home to place the urn. Having the urn in your home will allow you to honor a deceased loved one, and you’ll have a constant reminder of someone special.cremation service in Marshall, TX

In terms of other options, you can scatter the ashes on the earth in the air, or on the water. You might want to choose a scattering location that had special significance to the deceased. You can also bury the urn at a cemetery, place the urn in a columbarium niche, place the urn in an urn garden, bury the urn on private property, get some memorial jewelry, and more.

As you can see, cremation does offer options. And you and your family may want a range of options. We’re a provider of cremation services in Marshall, TX, so we can help you plan. We offer packages like affordable funerals, traditional cremation with a traditional service, a simple cremation, a cremation with a gathering, and more. As a family owned and operated funeral home, we own our own crematory, and 100% of our staff members are licensed. You can count on us to help you through the planning process and to answer your questions. We’re here to help.