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What is Appropriate Graveyard Etiquette?

Whether an individual has been buried after a funeral or choosing to be placed in a columbarium after cremation Services in Marshall, TX, there’s a good chance that they will have visitors to their site. Cemeteries offer a respectful and honorable location to lay loved ones to rest. There is specific etiquette that needs to be upheld when visiting, so here is more information.

Obey the Speed Limit

In most cases, cemeteries will have designated areas driven on by vehicles. If you choose to visit in this method, you will want to make sure you obey any posted speed limit signs, and the general rule of thumb is to go under 10 miles an hour. In addition to this, if you see a burial or hearse procession, be sure to slow down until you pass by.

Keep Children and Pets Close

If you choose to bring children to the gravesite, you will want to explain to them about being respectful of the property and the graves. Also, if you have pets, you want to keep them on a leash to prevent any destruction of the property or resting sites.

Clean Up

Cemeteries have people who take care of the grounds, but this is for general maintenance and lawn care, so we always recommend making sure that it’s out of the way of the caretakers if you’re leaving anything behind that. You also want to make sure that you place the items in a proper receptacle if you bring any items in, such as food that you pack out of any waste.

Follow the Hours

Cemeteries are no different from regular parks because they may have set hours that will be open. In many cases, the grounds will also have gates that will be shut at specific times of day, so make sure you understand appropriate visitation times.

Bring a Seat

The headstones and grave markers can be fragile in some cases from being outside in the weather for long periods, so you want to be aware of where you are walking and sitting. If you plan on having an extended visit to a loved one laid to rest, make sure that you bring a chair or blanket to have a place to sit. It’s also recommended not to walk on or across the graves, so do so with caution and respect if you are trying to look at dates on headstones.

From Our Family to Yourscremation Services in Marshall, TX

A cemetery can be a great place to visit to see loved one’s plots and look at the area’s history, so be sure to follow proper etiquette while you are there. We offer you support if you have recently lost a loved one and require cremation services in Marshall, TX. Our primary focus is on providing affordable and streamlined processes. We specialize in multiple services, so call us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.