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What is Proper Attire for a Funeral or Cremation?

Anytime an individual loses a loved one and needs to schedule funeral or cremation services in Marshall, TX, they may also be planning and memorial service so others can grieve the loss and say goodbye. One thing that’s good to be mindful of is what is appropriate to wear to one of these events. Here is a layout of proper attire for these events to help you make the right choice.

Traditionally Speaking

The first thing you will need to consider is what kind of an event is going to be held. If you’re going to a traditional funeral, the clothing will be far different than what you would wear to a celebration of life. You also need to consider if any religious or cultural traditions will be upheld at the event because there may be specific pieces of attire that need to be worn at that time.

Some individuals may choose to have a theme that honors the loved one by utilizing specific kinds of alternative clothing or costumes. These are just a few reasons why it’s essential to check and see what kind of an event will be held, so you understand what’s required.

Women’s Clothing

At a traditional funeral or memorial service, the most common pieces of clothing for women to wear are:

  • Pantsuit or skirt in darker colors
  • Knee-length or longer skirt with a sweater
  • Pumps or flat shoes are recommended

Depending on the occasion, it may be encouraged to wear a hat or even open-toed shoes or sandals. Still, the critical factor is to choose more conservative clothing, like something you would wear to a professional event.

Men’s Clothing

When it comes to men’s attire, there are a few things to keep in mind that are acceptable:

  • Dark colors with a suit and collared shirt
  • Casual shoes that match the rest of the clothing
  • We recommended avoiding wearing jeans, baseball caps, and sneakers unless it’s otherwise indicated.

Other Things to Consider

Children should follow the same suggestions with a professional or church-style dress. The clothing may also be contingent upon if the event will be held outdoors and what the weather is. We always recommend checking with the facilitator to see if any specific requests need to be upheld when coming to attend.

Keeping Traditions in Mind

cremation services in Marshall, TXHaving the proper attire can make a difference at any service that you may go to. You want to make sure that your clothing does not take away from the event, so avoid wearing any bright colors or clothing with expressive writing on them. These events can be emotional for many, so keeping your dress appropriate can help keep focus on the main purpose.

East Texas Funeral Home specializes in multiple options from preplanning to cremation services in Marshall, TX. we take great pride and offering affordable prices and focusing on keeping traditional service is at the forefront of our business. We would love to help you plan a genuinely honorable and authentic event for your loved one, so give us a call today.