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What does it Mean to Have an Open Casket Service?

When looking at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, you may be wondering what your options are for displaying the individual for their loved ones and friends. And open casket service is an excellent example of a way to allow individuals to come to terms with the passing of their loved ones by physically seeing them.

The facility will ensure that the individual is in the best possible restored state, including doing their hair, makeup, and clothing to match their presence when they were living. Some may see this as the individual no longer being in pain, which creates more reason to allow individuals to see the body.

What Reasons are there for an Open-Casket Event?

The whole idea is to create a physical connection if the individuals wish. In some cases, people will speak to the deceased, offering words of condolence and sadness at their loss or saying goodbye.

  • One of the main reasons is that it allows healing by promoting individuals coming to terms with the loss.
  • It allows for friends or family to be close to the individual by physically seeing them or touching the diseased.
  • Having an open casket provides for the individual also to be remembered peacefully.

How do you Plan an Open-Casket Event?

  • Make sure that you plan the date and time quickly. This is due to the body needing to be stored. You also want the clergy and members to be available for the ceremony.
  • Understand what your budget is, then find a facility that offers a variety so you can choose the appropriate one.
  • Deciding if you’re going to offer public viewing. Also, do you want the event to be in a funeral home or a church?
  • Make sure you provide the outfit for your loved one to the facility. It is recommended that you include undergarments and any other items you would like them to be adorned with.

To make the event as smooth as possible, make sure you have all this information covered so the event coordinator can create a ceremony that honors your loved one.

Things to Consider

funeral homes in Marshall, TXthere are times when you may not be able to have an open-casket ceremony. This could be if the person had an illness or was involved in an accident that altered their look. If the body is going to create discomfort in the people attending, it is recommended that you do not have an open-casket ceremony.

Another thing to keep in mind is that children or adolescents could find the environment overwhelming or scary. But this could also be used as an opportunity to teach them about the process of death.

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