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Letting People Know a Loved One has Passed Away

In the situation where a loved one is deceased, you may not only be looking at  funeral homes in Longview, TX, but you also might have to be the person who lets people know they are gone. There is no easy way to do this unless the individual’s passing was expected. But even in the best of situations, it can be an uncomfortable process, and you might need some help to know what to say.

There are some things to take into consideration before informing people of the loss. One primary concern is their reaction to the news. It is recommended to ask the individual to sit down, so if their response is extreme, they will have some stability from being seated. Ensuring that your handheld devices are turned off is also highly recommended as this avoids outside interruptions. And telling them in a private space can save them embarrassment at that moment.

Another way to reach them is over the phone. This could be applied to people who live far away and a better choice than sending a text message about the loss. There is always an option to let individuals know by email, but some may find that to be insensitive and offensive. The email would be a good alternative for people who are not in close contact with the deceased.

What Words are Appropriate?

There’s never a point when people are ready to lose someone they love, so it is imperative to consider the correct words to use. It is recommended to keep the conversation simple and to avoid cliché phrases like, “they are in a better place” or “I know how you feel.” These phrases can create frustration because it takes away from the moment of grief of the individual, and it can create confusion if you are speaking to a child. It is always best, to be honest about what has happened and be straightforward so there’s no confusion.

Other Considerations 

funeral homes in Longview, TXOne main thing that you can do to help them with the process is to schedule the time to be there as long as needed. In some scenarios, they may need to be by themselves or need some physical touch. There may be things that you can offer to do to help them out around their house because, for some, they may not be able to attend to any extra responsibilities.

When searching for funeral homes in Longview, TX, it can be an overwhelming process if you are not familiar with the steps. There is no easy way to navigate death, particularly if you must send the message of what has happened to the loved one. The compassionate staff at East Texas Funeral Home want to help you through this difficult time. We offer affordable solutions and 28 years of service focused on providing you with the highest quality customer service and personal attention. We are here for you, so give us a call to help make your process an easy one.