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Visiting Cemeteries Have Their Etiquette, and Here are Just a Few Considerations

Once a loved one passes away and they have been laid to rest with one of the funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, it may feel appropriate to visit them at the burial site. Cemeteries have specific etiquette, so we have created a list of helpful considerations to utilize when visiting.

Use a Quiet Voice

Cemeteries are a location where visitors are typically grieving, so the first tip is to refrain from using a loud voice when you’re in the space. This is a common courtesy to any others visiting because it allows everyone to have space while they are at a loved one’s resting site.

Try to Avoid Walking Across Graves

Another rule of etiquette is to avoid walking over the grave. This action can be seen as disrespectful because it is their final resting place, so you want to do your best to walk around them unless unavoidable.

Keep Pets on a Leash

Pets can be considered family members for some individuals, and if the cemetery allows it, it is encouraged to bring them to the grave site. However, one of the rules of etiquette is to keep them leashed simply out of respect for anyone else who may be visiting. In addition to this, animals are also not going to refrain from walking over the graves or sensually disrupting the burial site.

Follow Any Rules

It’s not uncommon for cemeteries to have their own set of rules to follow, and are few can include:

  • Specific opening and closing hours that may be posted
  • No firearms except for military events
  • Obeying posted speed limit signs
  • Avoiding parking or driving on the grass

There may also be limitations on what can be left at the gravesite, and some cemeteries only allow fresh flowers and no other decorations.

Respect the Other Visitors

When you visit, there’s nothing wrong with being friendly and offering a smile to others at the cemetery. However, trying to create small talk with other individuals is not recommended. This is because some people may not emotionally be open to having any conversations and need their personal space, so keep this in mind if you encounter other visitors.

Do Not Touch the Headstones

You also want to avoid touching the headstones because each one is special and needs to be treated with respect. They are sentimental gestures that honor an individual’s life and while viewing and reading them is perfectly acceptable, touching them could be upsetting for the deceased’s family members.

For the Highest Quality Care and Support, We are Here

As you can see, these are just a few rules of etiquette to follow. It can be helpful to check with the property to see if there are any others you need to be aware of to ensure your visit is done respectfully.

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