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Veteran Memorials are a Unique Event, so Here are Some Helpful Ideas to Include

Organizing funerals or cremation services in Longview, TX, can be confusing because many details can be included in the events. This can get more complicated, especially if there’s a veteran in your life that has passed away because, in most cases, the individual will need to be honored uniquely. In most cases, veteran funerals have additional services, so we have gathered some traditional choices here.

Have a Tribute

Video tributes have been growing in popularity for years because they offer an opportunity to highlight video footage and photos of the individual’s life. It can be a heartfelt and thoughtful option to add to the services because it gives the opportunity to celebrate the individual uniquely.

Add a Display

Whether the loved one is being buried with taps or military honors, it’s encouraged to create a display with any achievements they accomplished in their career. Items, including uniforms, awards, metals, and photos of their military career, can all be displayed in different fashions within the room to highlight their devotion to the military.

Include an Open Mic Guest Book

What are the best ways to get to know individuals is through the stories of their life. These can include experiences they had with members of their platoon or from friends and family members. In either situation, it can help highlight their service and the effect of the world around them.

Bury Them in Uniform

Soldiers keep their uniforms until they pass away, which is held with the highest honor. Burying the individual in the uniform is seen as a sign of respect; however, it is a personal choice, so take some time to consider it before making a final decision.

Have a Flag Ceremony

The flag ceremony is also another honorable way to commemorate them. The process includes playing taps; then, the flag is folded into the traditional tri-cornered shape and presented to the family.

Celebrate Their Life

An individual’s military career is an incredibly important part of their life, but so is their family and home life. So, it’s recommended to include as many details as possible about their personal life through photos, decorations, or personalization of items like food services.  

If they had any achievements outside of the military from other careers, volunteering, or hobbies and interest, these could also be incorporated into the event because they are just as meaningful and essential as their military career.

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cremation services in Longview, TX

These are just a few recommendations to honor the veteran in your life. Considering who they were and what they enjoyed can also be meaningful resources to add to the event and help create a memorable experience.

Getting the proper support is crucial and if you need streamlined and professional cremation services in Longview, TX, let our team of experts help you through the process. We have helped thousands of families in our communities and are family owned and operated, so contact us today if you have any questions.