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How to Choose a Flower for the Funeral

Lilies, daisies, roses, orchids, snapdragons, carnations, gladiolus, chrysanthemums, irises, and hydrangeas are just some of the most commonly used as funeral flowers by funeral homes in Marshall, TX. Many different connotations are associated with each of these blossoms. Even the colors mean various things. To help you make the correct decision, we have provided this handy guide to the meanings of each flower and color.

1. White lilies

The most common variety of funeral lily are a classy option since they stand for purity, innocence, and respect.

2. Daisies

In white or various colors, are often used to fill up funeral bouquets. Daisies are a classic choice for funeral arrangements for infants and young children.


As a symbol of undying love and esteem, roses are an ideal choice for a funeral tribute. In memory of a dear friend, send a bouquet of yellow roses to convey your joy and happiness, or a bouquet of pink roses to express your respect and sorrow. The traditional crimson rose has come to symbolize undying love even in the face of death.

4. Orchids

May be used both as cut flowers and as live plants in a funeral floral arrangement. In the funeral industry, pink and white orchids are two of the most popular color schemes.

As they may grow to be very tall, standing sprays of snapdragons are an excellent complement to bigger bouquets.

5. Carnations

Carnations come in a variety of hues and are often used in funeral flower arrangements because they serve as a foundation for more showy flowers like roses and lilies.

6. Gladiolus

Gladioli bloom in clusters on sturdy stems, making them a symbol of fortitude and honor. The “sword lily” is another name for these flowers.


Funeral arrangements benefit greatly from the versatility of the chrysanthemum, sometimes known as the mum. Among several European peoples, chrysanthemums are a symbol of a mourner’s last farewell. You may use mums as the only flower in a bouquet, basket, or spray, or you can use them to hold up more substantial blooms like lilies.

Irises are often used in military funerals because of the respect, hope, and faith they represent. Flowers in patriotic colors may also go well with irises.

Flowers such as hydrangeas are ideal for bouquets because of their unique form, which resembles a giant pom-pom comprised of tiny blooms. They are perfect for making wreaths, garlands, and other freestanding flower arrangements because to their substantial size and form.

The choice of flower colors is almost as crucial as the flowers themselves when it comes to creating the perfect arrangement. There is a lot riding on the color you choose since each shade stands for something different.

Look at these color choices:

1. White

Funeral and sorrow flowers are often white because it symbolizes purity and innocence. Peace, innocence, and dignity are all emotions associated with the color white. A funeral is the only time when white flowers are appropriate.

2. Red

Red flowers are both stunning and powerful symbols of beauty and power. Funerals and visitations may be brightened with the addition of red funeral flowers.

3. Pink

Flowers in this shade of pink are a gentle gesture of condolence. The color pink is a fitting choice for funeral and sympathy flower arrangements.

4. Yellow

Flowers with sunny shades of yellow and orange tend to evoke warm feelings of nostalgia. Funerals may be more of a celebration of life than a time of melancholy by include them.

5. Purple

Incorporating purple into a funeral bouquet is a fitting gesture, since the hue conveys a sense of solemnity and honor. It goes well with white for a tranquil, relaxing setting, and with pink for a warm, welcoming one.

6. Blue

funeral homes in Marshall, TX

Blue funeral flowers offer heartfelt sorrow and sadness. At the same time, blue might indicate your expectations for the future and best wishes for the family.

By knowing the meaning of each flower and color you can now make a good choice, we hope that we were able to help you. For more tips and guide you can find funeral homes in Marshall, TX.