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How Much is a Funeral?

When a loved one passes away, and they have no preplanning, you might be the one who has to make the arrangements and organize a budget for the services. When you compile this on top of any grief or emotions you might be experiencing; it can feel overwhelming to know that you must make the right choice.

If you started researching  funeral homes in Longview, TX, you might find that setting up Funeral services can be an expensive endeavor if you’re on a budget. So read on for more information on funeral costs.

  • What is the Typical Cost for a Burial?

A burial service in the US will typically cost between $6000 and $9000, but these prices also depend on multiple factors and details that can go into an event, such as:

  • Transport to the Funeral Home

After the individual passes away, there will need to be a transportation process to get the loved one to the funeral facility. This may require a specialized vehicle and can cost anywhere from $300 to $400, depending on the company.

  • Cosmetology

In most cases, preparations will need to be carried out to get the individual back to a viewable state. This service can include hair, makeup, and any restoration that needs to occur and can cost around $225.

  • Service Fees

These fees are a basic charge by the funeral home and can include basic arrangements, death certificates, and securing permits. This portion of the service can cost around $2000.

  • Hearse

Not uncommon for families to transport their loved ones to the cemetery in a rented vehicle. The hearse is an alternative and can cost around $400.

  • Memorial Prints

If you want to have a printed program, keepsakes, or funeral invitations, these will cost around $175, and most funeral homes can handle this portion of the service.

  • Embalming 

Embalming is a common practice that uses chemicals to slow down the individual’s decomposition. This is traditionally used when viewing to help sustain the body for a more extended period and can cost $750.

  • Metal Casket

The casket price can vary depending on the material you choose, but a common choice is metal due to its durability and affordability, which can cost around $2500. There’s also the option of renting a casket for the service but burying the individual in a less expensive one.

  • Headstonefuneral homes in Longview, TX

The headstone is a grave marker for where your loved one is laid to rest. They traditionally come with an engraving of the name, date of birth, and a phrase about the person. Depending on the quality of the headstone material, they average about $1000.

  • Quality Meets Compassionate Care

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