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Facts and Considerations when Choosing a Columbarium

After the cremation services in Longview, TX, the family will need to decide what they’re going to do with the remains. In some situations, it may be appropriate to bury them, or for others, they may choose to keep the remains in an urn at home. Scattering has also become a popular ceremony, but there is one more choice: using a columbarium to store them. This article will discuss various aspects of these structures because it can help give you a better idea if this is the right choice for your loved one.

History and Facts of Columbariums

Columbariums have an essential history, and you may not be familiar with them, but they were first noticed in the Roman Empire, with the design being based on the dovecotes built for birds. Eventually, the Romans asked the funeral societies to start holding responsibility for these structures, so they were built, supervised, and maintained. In most cases, they were considered appropriate for middle and lower-class people and could be elaborate or just simple structures.

They were also highly used in the Buddhist faith and were built to resemble temples and ornate places of rest. In today’s society, they are generally made from concrete or brick in an open design that allows people to look at each section to see who’s laid to rest there. They are commonly found in cemeteries as a freestanding structure, or they can also be built in places of spiritual worship as a room or a single wall.

The Niche

The design has individual compartments called niches, and traditionally a standard size is for one urn. However, other options are available, including a double and the other choice to have multiple niches set aside for family members. The exterior can be adorned with granite, glass, or bronze, and they all have different benefits.

  • The bronze option is more easily engraved to add information directly to the material, such as the individual’s name or even a short statement about them.
  • The granite is popular because it can be sealed, offering extra security, but it’s more difficult to engrave.
  • The glass is a more popular option because it offers extra personalization due to being able to display contents inside of the space. Individuals can place mementos such as flowers, photos, or notes inside visitors can observe.

What Will the Cost Be to Use One?

The cost starts at around $700 and is dependent on a few factors, including:

  • The location of the niche in the columbarium
  • The day the remains are being placed in the space
  • If you live in a rural or more populated area
  • If it’s a private or public property

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