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Choosing a Plot is One Part of the Process, and Here’s More on Them

Funeral homes in Longview, TX, are a source of support and assistance in helping individuals set up truly memorable events after loss. Several details go into a traditional burial service, and it may require purchasing a casket and grave marker. Another factor that will be involved in picking a plot for the loved one, and if you’ve never had to go through the process before, this article will outline some basic facts about them to help you decide.


Companion plots are a common request for couples or individuals who want to be buried together. The plot can be in a side-by-side formation, or there are double-depth options to have the caskets stacked on top of one another. The double-depth can be a more affordable option due to the size differences.


This is the most common type of plot and is designed to hold the casket with one individual in the space.


Families will often choose this option if many people want to be buried together in the same area. The space on the property they select will generally have a larger headstone inscribed with the family’s name or crest. This will be followed by a line of plots with individual grave markers for each person’s place of rest.


The last option for plots is for cremated remains. In most cases, a standard plot can be used for one urn or multiple’s due to the sizing availability, making it a more affordable option.

Cost for Plots

The cost of the plot will be based on several factors, and the starting prices for a single space in a public cemetery can range from $200-$2000. For a single plot in a private cemetery, the price can go from $2000-$5000 and even higher depending on the cemetery’s location.

Other Considerations

Other fees will need to also be considered when budgeting for the plot, and they are:

  • Interment fees can go between $350-$3000 depending on if the cemetery is public or private
  • Permit fees will vary and are usually around $20
  • A traditional headstone or grave marker can range from $1000-to $3000

If the individual was a Veteran, the burial costs are provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and will include items like:

  • Burial flag
  • Market
  • Transportation to the VA Cemetery
  • Opening and Closing of the Plot
  • A military honor guard

In addition, it is recommended to consider purchasing the plot in advance because this can help save time and money for your loved ones. It also allows you to personalize any details you wish to have at the event.

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