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Your Loved One Was a Vital Part of Your Life, and Here are Ways to Celebrate Them

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly challenging experience, and once the services are completed at one of the funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, it can be helpful to find ways to remember them. Whether the loss is new or older, we have compiled some ways to help you honor them through actions in this article, so here are a few popular suggestions.

Honor Yourself

Going through the loss of someone important to you creates I need to heal and at the same time keep them with you after they are gone. It can bring up many different emotions and be different for each person, so when you come to more difficult days, it’s one suggestion to be present with your experience. This can be taking time to express what is happening and, more importantly, just practice compassion and kindness.

Create a Meal in Their Honor

One of the best parts about gathering can be having a meal with people you care for, and if this was a common practice with your loved one, it could be helpful to recreate this space. If the individual had a favorite meal or item, they like to prepare; this could be another suggestion to help remember them.


Research shows that helping others can help you, so another recommendation is to take the time to volunteer. If the individual had a favorite cause or charity they would like to work with, you might consider donating some of your time to them In your loved ones’ honor.

Do Something They Enjoyed

If the individual had favorite hobbies or activities, you might consider doing them yourself. Whether visiting a specific restaurant or going on a camping trip, engaging in something the loved one would have enjoyed can help you feel closer and more connected to them after they’re gone.

Connect with Others

The loss can be heartbreaking for some, but one thing that can help is to connect with others who are either going through the same loss or have experienced it in their lives. Sitting with people who understand the pain of losing a loved one can help process the grief while at the same time allowing you to remember the individual and what they brought to your life.

Carry on the Traditions

The last suggestion is to carry on any traditions you may have had with them. This could be holiday-based or just something you may have done on occasion and taking the time to recreate these can help create a sense of comfort on more challenging days.

We are Here to Help

funeral homes in Kilgore, TX

Staying connected could be an essential part of going through the healing process, and if you’re looking for help when it comes to planning the details, we are here for you at one of the funeral homes in Kilgore, TX. We offer affordable and compassionate services for all of our clients, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.