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Planning to Scatter Cremation Ashes? Here’s What You Need to Know

Does your family want to scatter the ashes of a loved one who has been cremated? Doing so can be an excellent way to give your loved one a fitting final send-off. You can bet that a funeral home in Longview, TX will be equipped to help you plan whatever body disposition you wish. If you’re intent on arranging a cremation before scattering the ashes, it’s best to learn about the process. Here’s a look at things to keep in mind if the plan is to scatter the cremated remains.

Why Do You Want to Scatter the Ashes?

You’ll first want to consider if scattering is the right option. There are, after all, many other things you can do with the ashes. If the deceased had communicated that they wanted their ashes to be scattered, then you will want to honor their request. Otherwise, if your family agrees that scattering is the way to do, then you’ll want to go that route.

Where Should You Scatter the Ashes?

You’ll obviously want to mull over where you want to scatter the ashes. If the deceased had loved to spend time out in nature, then you might want to scatter the ashes out in a rural area. Don’t do it on someone else’s property, however, unless you have their permission to do so. If your loved one had enjoyed spending time out in the garden, then you might want to scatter the ashes in the garden they had tended. Another idea is to bury their urn in the garden.

What Sort of Urn Should You Get?

When it comes to buying an urn, you need to consider what you plan to do with the ashes, your budget, what material type you like, and more. Ask the death care services provider to explain the range of options available to you. You will find styles that are different and various price points.

funeral home in Longview, TX

Are There Areas You Shouldn’t Scatter in?

It’s true that cremation ashes present zero environmental risk or health risks. But this does not imply that you are able to scatter them with reckless abandon. You shouldn’t scatter cremated remains on the beach or even near to public trails where other people can come into contact with them For more details on where and how to scatter, reach out to the funeral home you employ to do the cremation service. They will give you the information you require.

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