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How Should You Explain Death to Children?

How do you explain death to a child?

Explaining death & dying to small children is difficult. You’ll need to do your best to explain what’s happening and to ensure they know you’re there for them always.

Ahead of the cremation services at a Kilgore, TX funeral home, you will have a lot on your plate. One task on your to-do list may very well be explaining to your children what is going on.

Children, especially if they’re quite young, won’t fully understand death, cremation services, funeral services, or other things connected to the passing of a loved one.

Here’s a look at some suggestions that may help you if you have to explain death to your children.

Let Them Know What Has Really Happened

Don’t lie to your children about what has happened to their deceased loved ones. While it might be tempting to say that the deceased went to live in a faraway country or something along those lines, it’s never a good idea to mislead them as to what has occurred.

You might think that doing so will spare them hurt, but it will hurt them more if they learn down the road that you had been dishonest. If the person died as a result of a disease, you can let your children know that their loved one had a serious sickness and have died. You want to ensure that they know that the person isn’t coming back. Also, stress the fact that there are ways you can remember them and honor them. Doing so will help your kids to learn how to deal with these situations.

Use Words They Understand

Don’t let your incorrect word choices allow your message to go over your children’s heads. It’s hard enough for kids to understand what’s going on. Why complicate things all the more by using words or terms that they won’t be able to comprehend. So use age-appropriate language when talking to them about death. This will make it more likely that they understand what you’re saying. Also, be sure to ask questions to see if they’re following you.

Answer Any and All Questions They Have

When your children do come to you with questions, answer them as best you can. You want them to know that they can come to you at any time no matter what to get your feedback. Death and dying will be more confusing for young children who have limited life experience than it will be for adults who have a lot of life experience. So they will come to you for answers. They need to know that they can ask you anything they want whenever they want.

cremation services at a Kilgore, TX

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