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Don’t Allow These Cremation Myths to Fool You

While some myths are so off the wall that they’re actually humorous, myths about funerals and cremations aren’t the least bit funny. For one thing, when you have to contact a funeral home in Kilgore, TX for cremation services or funeral services, humour will be the last thing on your mind. Planning a body disposition is a serious matter, obviously, so you’ll want to treat it that way. If you want to plan a cremation, you’ll want to make decisions based on reality rather than on a figment of someone’s imagination. Here’s a look at some common myths to be aware of.

Myth: You Can’t Plan a Cremation if You’re a Person of Faith

While there was a time when many religions either prohibited or discouraged their followers from planning cremations, a lot has changed over the years. So if you want to arrange a cremation service for a loved one who has passed away, the odds are in your favor that your religion is okay with cremations. If you do have any questions about whether or not cremation is an option for you, ask the funeral director you work with. They’ll be able to advise you as to whether or not your religion accepts cremation as a viable body disposition option.

Myth: Cremation Cheapens the Body Disposition Experience

This is not even remotely accurate. Whether you plan a funeral or a cremation, you can honor the memory of your deceased loved one. Neither body disposition option is better than the other. So you and your loved ones will merely need to choose the one you want. Whether you want to save money, wish to scatter ashes, or want to take home an urn containing a deceased loved one’s ashes, you might naturally be drawn toward planning a cremation service.

Myth: Planning a Cremation Means You Can’t Have a Formal Service

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Some people believe that planning a cremation means they can’t have a formal or informal service afterward. The reality is that you can have a memorial, celebration of life, or some other service after the cremation is completed.

Myth: Cremation is Always Less Expensive Than Burial

While it is true that a simple cremation will be more cost-effective than a funeral with casket burial, adding extra options to a cremation service might increase the price considerably. So if you go with a cremation and add other things to it, the price might be in line with an affordable funeral with burial. So if you’re planning a cremation with the intention of saving money, be mindful of any extras. Those extra costs can certainly add up.Kilgore, TX for cremation services


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