cremation services in Marshall, TX

Choosing the Right Design is a Must so Here are Popular Choices

After the cremation services in Marshall, TX, the individual suffering the loss may need to find comfort while processing the loss. Having personal reminders of the loved one can offer a sense of love or joy and help them navigate the process more effectively. One option on the market is to create a piece of cremation jewelry, so here are the most popular choices on the market.


There are many kinds of jewelry on the market, and one popular choice is an urn necklace. They are small enough to wear but still hold a certain amount of ash from the loved one to carry with you. You can also get lockets that will hold the cremated remains with a photo of your choosing to remember them whenever you choose.


Memorial urn bracelets are also a great choice because they come in many different materials and can be designed to hold part of the cremated remains. They come in various colors and designs so you can find the right one to match your needs.


Memorial rings are not only unique but can be stunning designs and hold up to .18 oz of an individual’s ashes. They range in price, so there are affordable options or can range up to extravagant depending on what you are looking for.


Some companies specialize in manufacturing jewelry like diamonds made from the cremated remains of a loved one. The process is completed by isolating the carbon in the remains, which will turn into a carbon graphite substance that starts the beginning stages. After a time, the diamond will begin to grow, and after a period of time, it becomes the chosen size and is extracted. This gem can be a great option because you can place them in any form of jewelry you would like to have and know that your loved one is there with you.


Pendants have been an excellent jewelry choice for many different situations, and this is no different when it comes to cremated remains. Many different styles and options are available, including teardrop shapes or hearts made from glass that can hold a small part of the individual’s remains. The coloring can come in swirls that look like a galaxy or something more subtle with a marble style that has opal backgrounds. The pendants are highly flexible, so if you are looking for gold, silver, or glass, there are many items available to choose from.

Quality and Compassion for You  

cremation services in Marshall, TXAs you can see, there are many choices for cremation jewelry options to choose from. Having a way to take your loved one with you when you choose can offer a sense of comfort and strength as the process of grief is navigated, promoting healing.

All of the details that come with the cremation services in Marshall, TX, will make a difference when moving through the loss of the person, so you want a qualified company to help you. We are a local company that takes great pride in offering services that genuinely honor our clients loved ones, so call us today for an appointment.