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What Do You Want Your Family to Do with Your Cremated Remains?

Are you in the process of preplanning final services so that your family members don’t have to do so after you pass away? That’s a good idea, and the funeral director at a cremation services provider in Kilgore, TX will be able to help you make the proper arrangements.

One of the things you’ll want to put some thought into is what you want to become of your cremated remains. If you preplan a funeral service followed by a burial, your body will obviously be buried in a cemetery grave plot. But there are many more options if you preplan a cremation. Read on for a look at a small handful of things that can be done to your ashes after cremation.

Scatter Ashes

Do you want your loved ones to scatter your ashes? This is a common option chosen by many people. You can ask them to scatter on your private property, in your flower garden, or even on a beach somewhere. Of course, you don’t have to specify a place for your loved ones to scatter your cremated remains. You might want to give them the liberty to decide which place makes the most sense for them. But if there’s a place that holds sentimental value to you, you can let your loved ones one exactly where you’d like for them to scatter your ashes.

Memorial Jewelry

A more unique option for your ashes is memorial jewelry or cremation jewelry. You’ll want to ask the funeral home you work with for information on what directions you can take on this front. Some cremation jewelry can be made by using some of your ashes in the manufacturing process, and some cremation jewelry can be made by simply including a compartment within the jewelry where your ashes can put placed.

cremation service east texasBury Urn

While you might not want to be buried in a casket, might you be open to being buried in an urn? Some cemeteries allow people to bury urns, but you could also request that your loved ones bury your urn on a private property or somewhere else. You can ask the funeral home you preplan with about biodegradable urns that will break down naturally into the environment.

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