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Top Questions to Ask Funeral Director at Funeral Home

Before going to a Kilgore, TX funeral home to plan a funeral service or a cremation service, you need to do some homework so that you find the right one. This will involve conducting some research online, asking people you know for suggestions, and even calling up some of the service providers to shoot some questions over their way. When you find a service provider you’re happy with, here’s a look at some questions you should ask during the consultation.

“Is a Cremation Cheaper Than a Funeral?”

Chances are that you’ll pay less for a cremation than for a funeral – but this isn’t always the case. While cremation is cheaper than a casket burial, the final bill will depend not only on the package you choose, but also on the extras you select. So if you’re on a tight budget, going with cremation — minus any extras – may be the right way to go.

“What Can I Do with the Cremated Remains of My Loved One?”

You’ll learn that there are loads of options you can choose. If you plan a funeral service followed by a casket burial, then that’s pretty straightforward. But there are lots of things you can do with cremated remains. Some of them are fairly traditional while others are unique and outside of the box. If your deceased loved one was definitely the sort of person who wanted to stand out from the crowd, then you may wish to choose an option that honors their independent spirit. What follows is a look at a handful of the things you can do with the ashes:

  • Scatter the ashes
  • Take the ashes home in an urn
  • Bury the urn containing the ashes
  • Get cremation jewelry that contains a compartment into which cremated remains are placed

“Can I Travel with an Urn?”

If you’re traveling by plane, you can take an urn with you. But you’ll need to take certain precautions – and the funeral home you hire will help you make the right decisions. The funeral director will ensure you get an urn that can be properly x-rayed at the airport. They will also give you any documentation you may need to show officials at the airport.

“Do You Allow for Customization?”

It’s also important to know if the funeral home allows for customization of its packages. Many of them will allow you to tweak things so that the final services specifically meet your needs.

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