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Things to do with Funeral Ashes

If you are thinking about having a traditional funeral and have contacted funeral homes in Kilgore, TX, you might feel overwhelmed about what to do next. You may also be considering having a direct cremation for your loved one and may be wondering what to do with the individual’s ashes. In our technologically advanced world, there are multiple options for creative uses for people’s remains. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your decision after the cremation.

What Kind of Person Was the Individual?

It is good to consider the kind of person your loved one was, and standard practice is to scatter the ashes. There are options like gathering on a boat as a group and letting the remains out at sea. For the outdoor lover, another variation, you can choose trenching. This works by digging a small trench and adding the remains to it. This can be beneficial in a garden or any natural setting.

A few other suggestions for scattering would be:

  • from an airplane
  • adding them to fireworks for celebration
  • placing them inside helium or hot air balloons to disperse in the wind

Alternative Options

You can place the ashes in the ground and growing a tree from them. These are listed as memorial tree urns and support the idea of having a living memorial for the individual. There are choices for most kinds of personalities, such as having their remains launched into space, you could have a Viking-style ceremony with a handmade Viking ship or turning their ashes into a coral reef. This involves mixing the remains with cement before it is poured into a form on which coral will grow.

Create a Memorial Keepsake

There are several options to choose from to create an item you can visually see or carry with you to keep your loved one close by.

  • Glass orb that contains some of your loved ones remains.
  • Wearable diamonds or jewelry like rings or pendants.
  • A painting that includes some of the ash.
  • A stuffed animals that have storage in them to hold the ash.
  • Blown glass art in various shapes.
  • A vinyl record that contains art or music of your choice.

funeral homes in Kilgore, TXSome individuals have mixed remains with tattoo ink. They’ve also integrated the remains into the stained glass or put the ashes into biodegradable urns for release in the water.

Having the Right Support

When it comes to finding ideas for what you do with your loved one’s ashes, your imagination is the limit. There are different wood style urns or even engraved photo variations and ones you can store in your garden. Some individuals are even adding ash to concrete to create a reef to grow coral on.

When you are planning memorial services and going through laying your loved one to rest, you need to find reliable funeral homes in Kilgore, TX. East Texas Funeral Home’s compassionate and caring team, well, you should know that we are here to help make your process an easier one. Let us help ease your stress, so give us a call today.