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Options to Pay for a Cremation or Funeral Service

Losing a loved one is not only a painful experience but can also be an expensive one, and if you’ve just started looking at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, preplanning or to a loved one to rest, the costs can be stressful. Understanding your options for covering the financial portion of the services can help make the process an easier one, so here are some suggestions.

Savings Account

One of the first things you can do if you are preplanning is to create a budget that will allow for contributions to services. Having a complete list of your wishes helps you understand your budget and helps loved ones know the right choices for planning. This is also true if you are helping someone else with planning needs and emphasize the importance of having the specific details in place, so there’s no confusion.

Pre-paid Contracts

Some funeral companies will work with individuals to accept payments over a time that are specifically devoted to cremation or funeral services. This can be a beneficial way to have an organized plan in place with the funeral home.


Ideally, an insurance plan will be in place when the loved one passes away, with part of it committed to helping pay for the services. There may also be a situation where the funds might not be available right away, and the funeral company can work with agencies to help offer a loan until the money is released from the policy.

Community Support

If your funding is limited and you’re looking for more resources, you might check in with local churches or agencies to see if they have anything in place to offer support. This can also be applied to crowdfunding sources such as platforms like GoFundMe. These platforms allow individuals to set up specific donation options to assist families or individuals in need.

Outside Agencies

Depending on if specific requirements are met, agencies such as the Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration might be of assistance. In some cases, they can offer a one-time donation to help with the cost of services for the individual.

It is recommended to research local charities that can assist because some can help out with funeral costs. In addition, the body can also be donated to science, or you might choose to have a direct cremation or funeral service to save on costs.funeral homes in Marshall, TX

Commitment Where it Counts

Losing a loved one is stressful enough, but when you combine that with trying to find ways to pay for the services, it can be a confusing experience to try to navigate. It’s vital to find the right company for you to work with when looking at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, and East Texas Funeral Home is here to help. We commit to creating an event that honors your loved one while at the same time offering affordable options for your budget. If you’d like more information or to make an appointment, give us a call today.