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Making All Aspects of the Services Personal is Essential, so Here are some Urn Customization Ideas to Use

Cremation services in Longview, TX, offer an opportunity to lay an individual to rest after they have passed on in a meaningful way. Some individuals may scatter or bury the remains, but for others, keeping them at home in an urn or container may feel more appropriate. Finding ways to personalize the vessel can help create a sense of connection to the deceased, so here are some great options to make a customized urn.

Pick a Special Design

The primary way to make an urn that feels authentic and honorable is by choosing a design that reminds you of the individual. One way to accomplish this is to consider the kind of person they were in life because this can help narrow down your options.

If the individual was silly or playful, you might choose an urn that is highly decorated with bold or bright colors. For someone who loved technology, you might pick something with a futuristic flair.

Consider the Material

Another way to pick an appropriate design is to look at how the urn will be used. If you’re planning on keeping the item at home and want to reduce the risk of spills or breaks, choosing a more durable material, like brass or stainless steel, can be useful. But picking a biodegradable material might be a better choice for someone who wants to be buried or have their ashes scattered.

Use a Favored Item

If the individual had any specific hobbies or interests that they enjoyed, this could also be applied as an urn option. For someone who enjoyed working on cars or tinkering in a shop, you might consider using a toolbox to store the remains, or for someone who spent a lot of time in the kitchen, a cookie chair could be the appropriate option.

Both can be personalized with the individual’s information and decorated in any way you see fit to make it a truly remarkable and unique vessel.

Color can help evoke emotions and offer a sense of connection to different events and people, so why not consider adding color to the urn? You can have a specific shade picked out that can be applied while the urn is being designed, or you might consider picking a material that you can decorate yourself to create a stunning piece.

Incorporate an Image or Words

The last recommendation is to have images or words inscribed into the urn. Several companies specialize in this option, so choosing a favorite picture or a favorite phrase or quote can help create a vessel that feels authentic and meaningful.

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Cremation services in Longview, TX

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