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How Do You Explain to Your Family that You Want to Preplan a Cremation?

Are you interested in preplanning cremation services with a Kilgore, TX funeral director? Are you uncertain as to whether or not your family will be okay with your choice? You can, obviously, choose whatever body disposition option you want. Even so, there are some things you can tell your family so that they come to understand why you preplanned a cremation.

Cremation is a More Cost-Effective Option

Do you want to spend as little as possible on your body disposition – all while knowing that you’ll still get a fitting final send-off? When you tell your family the costs for a simple cremation versus the costs for an elaborate funeral, they will come to see why you have decided to preplan a cremation service. There is, of course, nothing wrong with going with a funeral service. But if you want to curb costs without jeopardizing the experience, cremation is a great option.

Cremation Will Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Are you and your family members ardent environmental stewards? You can let your loved ones know that your body disposition will result in a lower carbon footprint compared to if you had selected a funeral service followed by a casket burial. Your ashes can be scattered or your urn can be buried – amongst other options – and this will result in little to no ground space requirement. Even if you do have your urn buried, it will be a whole lot smaller than will a casket.

Cremation Leads to Lots of Interesting Post-Final Services Possibilities

You can let your family know about the range of options available after your cremation service. You can ask them to take the ashes home with them in an urn, have an artist mix some of your ashes with paint and create a portrait of you, have cremation jewelry created in your honor, or do something else. A funeral director can tell you some of the other things that are possible.

Cremation is Simpler

Do you prefer to do things in a straightforward way with little to no extras? If this is the way you are, then let your family know that your chosen body disposition is a good fit for you. They will more likely than not empathize when they see your personal conviction on the matter.

cremation services with a Kilgore, TX

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