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Honorable Ways for Remembering the Deceased

Letting someone go after they have passed on can be a complex process. Once the services have been completed at one of the funeral homes in Marshall, TX, you might be looking for ways to celebrate the person. Choosing what is appropriate is really about what feels right for the person, but this article will highlight a few popular options individuals choose to help remember and celebrate their loved one.

Create a Garden

Gardens are a great place to nurture and foster growth through favorite plants and flowers. One option that is not uncommon is creating a memorial garden because it has become a popular way to remember individuals and honor them. They offer a place that individuals can physically visit, and they also have symbolism showing the process of life through watching the plant’s natural states.


Traveling is not only for work or play comedy can also be an essential part of healing and remembering someone after they have passed on. Some individuals choose to travel with the cremated remains and have them scattered and destination locations. In contrast, others may want to visit a place they had made memories with their loved ones and remember them.

Create Art

Another option growing in popularity is choosing to create a piece of art incorporated with the loved one’s ashes. There are multiple ways this can be completed, and some artists utilize paint that can be put on a canvas or in tattoo ink. Other individuals can create pieces of glass and make sculptures with the ashes of the loved one, or you may consider having them combined with plastic or concrete and creating a garden statue or steppingstones.

Having a Candle Ceremony

For some, lighting candles can be another way to remember the individual. Candlelight vigils have been held to commemorate and remember people after they have passed away; this can be done as a single or community-based event. You could also include things like a eulogy reading or sharing stories about the person to help make the experience more meaningful.

Preserve The Memories

Another way to remember them is simply finding options for preserving their memory. This could be done by creating a snow globe that has various objects in it, such as pendants or small souvenirs that could be included.

In addition to this, you could also purchase an item that could be placed in a public area as a dedication to the individual. Some popular ideas include benches with a commitment on them or a section of sidewalk that has the loved one’s information engraved in it.

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funeral homes in Marshall, TX

Finding ways to remember your loved one in a way that feels authentic is crucial, and the same idea can apply to the services after they have passed on. Suffering a loss can be a painful experience, so if you are looking at funeral homes in Marshall, TX, we would love to help you through the experience. We are locally owned and have been in business for over 25 years and offer multiple services to choose from, so contact us today for more information.