cremation services in Marshall, TX

Funerals and Cremations are a Utilized Resource After Loss, so Here are Some Unique Facts About Them

Funeral homes are a common choice for traditional burials and cremation services in Marshall, TX, so you may not consider other aspects of what they offer. Having more knowledge of what they offer, their history, and some additional facts can help you better understand their purpose, so continue reading for more information.

Interesting Funeral and Cremation Facts

  • Funerals have not always been formal events, and in some situations, they were more rambunctious, particularly in the Roman era. In most cases, the events were meant to be noisy because noisiness represented care and wealth. It was believed that the louder the event, the wealthier and more cared for the individual was.
  • The arrangements and flowers are a newer option for the events, and historically people would dress the graves and caskets with Rosemary sprigs because it’s encouraged eternal life. Before embalming and refrigeration units were available, Rosemary was chosen to hide the smell of the decomposition.
  • Some companies will offer the option to rent the casket. The average funeral will be between one and three hours, depending on the details number of attendees. The casket can be rented for that period until the individual is placed into a coffin meant for cremation purposes.
  • Ashes can be spread almost anywhere in the world. In addition, they can also be buried as long as the urn is made from a biodegradable material and placed at least three feet in the ground.
  • The disposition method may be more important than the funeral itself because this method is for the deceased. The deceased needs to be addressed first due to decomposition issues, and the memorial services can be planned for any time the friends and family members choose to have it.
  • Headstones and grave markers are century-old actions people have taken throughout history. This is due to individuals wanting to remember where their loved one was laid to rest and commemorate them.
  • Before the 20th century, some families in Europe would hire individuals considered professional mourners. These people’s jobs were to wail, make noise, and look sad at the services.
  • Traditionally Irish wakes would have loud music played at them because there was a belief that it would ward off evil spirits.
  • Not every individual will need to have a memorial or organized funeral to help them get through the grief process. Each service will be unique and contain different aspects based on who the individual was before they passed away.

Honest and Streamlined Services

cremation services in Marshall, TX

These are just a few of the interesting facts that funeral and cremation services offer and understanding the history can give you a different perspective on these traditions. If you have recently lost a loved one in are considering cremation services in Marshall, TX, we would love to support you through the process from start to finish. Creating a thoughtful and memorable event takes expert care, planning, and understanding of the pain of loss. We have over 25 years in this business, providing our community with exceptional services, so contact us today for an appointment.