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6 Helpful Resources to Utilize When Holiday Grief Arises

Grief is complicated, and the holidays can make the situation harder after the loved one has been laid to rest. Once the services are completed, and you’ve worked with one of the funeral homes in Longview, TX, there are several key ways to help transition into the holidays and special cases easier. Knowing how to navigate emotions can be a helpful tool, so here are a few recommendations.

Take Time to Share With Others

If your loved one is unique, like they shared with others around them, getting together with others who knew them and sharing stories about the loved one can be a truly healing experience. Remembering positive aspects of the loved one’s life and highlighting how important they can bring a sense of comfort and connection to everyone involved.

Have a Special Holiday Meal

Holiday meals are not uncommon for individuals and families, and they can be an excellent opportunity to bring loved ones closer together. If your loved one had a specific food type they preferred, you might consider adding this to the meal plan as a way to honor their memory.

Visit the Loved One’s Grave

Taking the time to visit your loved ones resting place is also an excellent way to still connected to them and offer a chance to process some of the grief. Giving yourself as much time as needed is crucial, and this is considered a healthy form of healing after loss.

Bake a Favorite Item

If the individual had a favorite baked item they made every year for the holidays, why not make this part of honoring and remembering them? This is especially true if children are present in the household because it can be seen as a grief-healing activity as the baked goods can remind them of the loved one and offer comfort.

Put on a Movie They Loved

Watching holiday movies is also another common activity that individuals participate in. So, if your loved one had a favorite title that they regularly enjoy, come on; making time to watch it can be a reminder of them and foster a sense of connection.

Make a Remembrance Trinket

Trinkets and ornaments are a regular part of holiday decorations and creating one in memory of your loved one can be a great way to commemorate them. Using paints, glitter, or any other craft items, can create a personalized item that can be a healing form of expression and a gentle reminder of the loved one.

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funeral homes in Longview, TX

One of the biggest things to consider if you are planning commemorative events is that everyone heals differently, and some of the activities could be triggering for specific individuals. Checking in and asking others how they feel about the activity can be helpful, and they may also have a suggestion that feels like the right choice.

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