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4 Reasons Why Cremation Has Become Such a Common Final Services Option

If you’re in the process of preplanning your final services with a funeral home, you’ll need to make numerous decisions. One of them involves, of course, choosing which body disposition method you want. You’ll be able to select either cremation services or funeral services – and both of them will offer you an honorable final send-off. But you might be interested in knowing that many families in Marshall, TX are choosing cremation services over funeral services.

Here are 4 reasons why cremation is more and more becoming the body disposition of choice.

1. Cost

As long as you’re careful about any extras you add, cremation services usually cost less than funeral services So if you’re preplanning your body disposition and want to keep costs as low as possible, you’ll want to find a funeral home that offers affordable cremation services options.

2. Portability of Remains

Another reason you might want to consider a cremation over a funeral is that the former will make your remains portable in a way that won’t be possible if you’re buried in a casket. In other words, your family will be able to take your ashes in an urn with them should they relocate.

3. Lots of Options

If you want to preplan a cremation, you’ll have different options. You can ask your family to scatter your ashes, you can ask them to bury your urn, you can ask them to keep your urn in the family dwelling – perhaps displaying it on the fireplace mantle — and you can opt for other options.

final services4. Take Up Less Space

When you choose cremation over burial, you’ll obviously reduce the need for a lot of ground space. You won’t need to bury a casket in a cemetery, after all. There is the chance to bury your urn, if you so choose, but you can well imagine that an urn will take up very little space.

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